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A javascript utility for parsing file names in a format that sometimes is used for tv shows.

It parses a file name like this Fake.Blood.2013.S07E06.Karma.Sucks.PROPER.720p.HDTV.x264-STALKERS.srt into an object with the following possible properties:

  • show, string: The name of the show, 'Fake Blood'.
  • year, integer: The release year, 2013.
  • season, integer: The season number, 7.
  • episode, integer: The episode number, 6.
  • episodeCount, integer: The count of episodes this file name includes, 1.
  • name, string: The name of the episode, 'Karma Sucks'.
  • quality, integer: The quality taken from 720p or 1080p. In this case 720.
  • source, string: Available values are 'hdtv', 'webdl', In this case 'hdtv'.
  • codec, string: Codec used, 'x264'.
  • group, string: Release group, 'STALKERS'.
  • ext, string: File extension, 'srt'.

Supported formats

Take a look in the tests for examples of what file name formats are supported.


Simply require the module and you get a parsing function that you invoke with the file name to parse:

var parser = require('episode-parser')
var filename = 'Fake Blood 2x06 I Need Blood.srt'
var result = parser(filename)
console.log(result.show) //= 'Fake Blood'
console.log(result.year) //= undefined
console.log(result.season) //= 2
console.log(result.codec) //= undefined

If the parser can't parse the file name, null will be returned. If the parser can't parse out a specific details, the property for that detail will be missing from the result.


npm install episode-parser


This package uses semver.


If you feel something is missing, which is highly probable since I made this for my personal needs, please create a pull request, with tests covering your case. If you feel somewhat lazy, create an issue instead and I might look into it.

Thank you


Building good software and tools takes time. Please do support a future for this project if you are using it. Thank you!


npm i episode-parser

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