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    A small, flat design notifciation hub for your Ember app. Stick it to the top or bottom of your page. Show your users what asynchronous actions are pending, failed or completed.

    Why? Most notification add-ons for ember do not take a promise interface, have a compact way to show many asychronous task results or persist them across sessions.

    Live Demo


    • View status of multiple, in-progress async actions
    • Notification results stored to local storage for persistence across sessions
    • Post notifications of synchronous actions
    • Collapsed view shows # of tasks failed and succeeded and most recent task details
    • Send async notifications as Promises
    • JSON API friendly error handling
    • Multiple error reason
    • Sweet aninmations! 🍬
    • Minimal dependencies - Installs Roberto Fonts
    • Uses parts of Materializecss but doesn't muddle up your CSS
    • Ember 2.0 Friendly


    Install Package

    ember install ember-notification-hub

    Place Component

    Ember notification hub can either be mounted to the top or the bottom of your application. For the bottom of your app do:

    {{ember-notification-center bottom="-25px" openBottom="0px" left="20%" width="60%" pullDown=false}}

    Where bottom is the CSS bottom position of the notification bar when it is collapsed, openBottom is the CSS bottom opsition when the hub is opened and pullDown indicates the orientation of the notificatio hub. The variable left and width sets their respective CSS properties for horizontal placement and width.

    For mounting the hub to the top of your application use the top and openTop variables with pullDown=true do:

    {{ember-notification-center top="-25px" openTop="0px" left="20%" width="60%" pullDown=true}}

    Sending a Notification

    To send a notification to the hub, the add-on installs the emberNotificationCenter service. Inject this to any Ember object you want to send the notificaiton from:

    Asynchronous Task Notifcations

    Using the promise-based pushNotification API you can give immediate feedback to users by giving a short description of the asynchronous task and a promise that resolves when the task is complete:

    Example: Arbitrary Notification

    The add-on expects that if your async notification fails to reject the promise with an array of error objects. An error object contains a code and title field as show in testFail.

    export default Ember.Controller.extend({
        emberNotificationCenter: Ember.inject.service(),
        actions: {
            testFail: function () {
                    title: 'Test Async Action 1',
                    description: 'This shows an asynchronous notification with a promise'
                }, new Ember.RSVP.Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                    setTimeout(() => {
                            code: '404 Bad Request',
                            title: 'You must boogy before riding'
                            code: '403 Not Authorized',
                            title: 'Who do you think you are?'
                    }, 3000);
            testPass: function () {
                    title: 'Test Async Action 1',
                    description: 'This shows successful asynchronous notification with a promise'
                }, new Ember.RSVP.Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                    setTimeout(() => {
                    }, 3000);

    Example: Committing a DS.Model

    Because the add-on is designed to handle Ember JSON API adapter errors, querying your backend through Ember Data Store will automatically render errors that occur from your server, without doing any extra work:

        title: 'Committing Model',
        description: 'Your model will be updated with the lastest info!'

    Synchronous Task Notifications

    These are notifications that do not render status of a notification based on a promise. The add-on assumes whatever action already successfully completed. You use the same pushNotification interface, but just omit the promise like so:

    Example: A Simple Synchornous Notification

        title: 'You did it!',
        description: 'This thing that required no time was completed successfully.'


    This addon uses ember-localstorage-adapter to save notification results between application lifecycles. When a notificatin is still Pending it will not be saved. We assume that you will prevent users from leaving your application until a Pending notification is complete.

    Stuff Installed


    • Ember Local Storage Adapter

    Installed Ember Components

    The following Ember components are added to your application after install:

    • Service emberNotificationCenter - Used to push notifications from anywhere in your app
    • Component emberNotificationCenter - The notification hub
    • Component emberNotificationPullOut - Internally used by the notification hub to show individual notifications
    • Model emberNotificationLocalNotification - Used to store notifications
    • Model emberNotificationLocalError - Used to store notification failure reasons

    Running the Demo App

    git clone
    cd ember-notification-hub
    ember server

    Visit your app at http://localhost:4200.

    Running Tests

    • npm test (Runs ember try:testall to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
    • ember test
    • ember test --server


    • ember build

    For more information on using ember-cli, visit


    • Materializecss Project for the Notificaitons Collection
    • The Polymer Project for the Spinner





    npm i ember-notification-hub

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