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    Element Size Reporter

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    Reports rendered size (width, height, also top) for a DOM element or group of elements.

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    Use in a component to report on a DOM element's size. Can use in concert with other components to calculate a region composed of multiple component's DOM elements. This is especially useful for calculating image dimensions that span multiple DOM elements in multiple components.

    Use with React/Flux

    I use this in a React flux flow to calculate background image dimensions and position spanning multiple components and elements for calls to an image service (Cloudinary) in conjunction with react-element-size-reporter.


    createSizeReporter (selector, reporter, options)

    Returns a size reporter function that creates a Size Report of the rendered element found for given selector. Sends the report to reporter when executed.


    selector - {String} A CSS selector that finds the DOM element to report size on.

    reporter - {Function} The function that receives the Size Report.

    options - {Object} See Options.

    Size Report

    A single object that contains the following properties:

    width - {Number} The width of the DOM element selected. Computed as the difference of the selected element bounding client rect (left from right).

    height - {Number} The height of the DOM element selected. Computed as the difference of the selected element bounding client rect (top from bottom).

    top - {Number} The top to the DOM element selected. Computed as:

      selectedElement.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.pageYOffset - document.documentElement.clientTop;

    accumulate - {Boolean} True if the data should be combined with previous data sent. Ignore this flag if you are not using grouped, multiple DOM elements.


    group - {String} An identifier that uniquely names a group of size reporters. This allows widths, heights, and/or tops from multiple components to be accumulated. Element Size Reporter tracks these groups and sends along an accumulate flag in the report for multiple reporting. Defaults to 'global'. If you don't care about grouping multiple DOM elements, just ignore the accumulate flag in the report.

    reportWidth - {Boolean} True to have the reporter include width in the report data.

    reportHeight - {Boolean} True to have the reporter include height in the report data.

    reportTop - {Boolean} True to have the reporter include top in the report data.

    grow - {Object} Options that control the arbitrary expansion the reported sizes. Specifically, width and height are increased, top is decreased. Use to reduce/conform image requests, or just otherwise smooth or adjust the reported size.

    grow.width - {Number} The nearest multiple to expand the width to. Example: If this is 10, then 92 gets expanded to 100, the next highest multiple of 10.

    grow.height - {Number} The nearest multiple to expand the height to. - {Number} The nearest multiple to expand the top to.


    npm i element-size-reporter

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