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Egypt Banks Scraper Version MIT license airbnb code style

Scrape exchange rates from Egypt's banks


npm install --save egypt-banks-scraper

Getting Started

Require the package

var EGBScraper = require('egypt-banks-scraper');

getExchangeRates takes 3 arguments:

  • banks array: list of banks codes to get its exchange rates
  • currencies array: list of currencies iso code to get from the banks
  • callback function: called when finished with the signature (err, data)

To get all banks with all currencies

EGBScraper.getExchangeRates([], [], (err, data) => {
  // data

To get All banks with certain currencies

// Get only USD and EUR exchange rates from all banks
EGBScraper.getExchangeRates([], ['USD', 'EUR'], (err, data) => {
  // data

To get All exchange rates in certain banks

EGBScraper.getExchangeRates(['NBG', 'CIB'], [], (err, data) => {
  // data

To get the exchange rates for some currencies and some banks

EGBScraper.getExchangeRates(['NBG', 'CIB'], ['USD', 'EUR'], (err, data) => {
  // data


Supported banks

Code Bank Name
NBG National Bank of Greece
CAE Credit Agricole
CBE Central Bank of Egypt
NBE National Bank of Egypt
CIB Commercial International Bank
AAIB Arab African International bank
BDC Banque Du Caire
BM Banque Misr
SCB Suez Canal Bank
ABB Al Baraka Bank
ABK Al Ahli bank of kuwait
SAIB Société Arabe Internationale de Banque
MIDB Misr Iran Development Bank
UBE The United Bank of Egypt
EDBE Export Development Bank of Egypt
AB Alex Bank
EGB Egyptian Gulf Bank
ADIB Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
FIBE Faisal Islamic Bank Of Egypt
BBE Blom Bank Egypt
MASQ Mashreq Bank Egypt
AIBK Arab Investment Bank
HDB Housing and development bank
AUDI Audi Bank
ABE Agricultural Bank of Egypt
EALB Egyptian Arab Land Bank
AIB Arab international bank

To support soon

  • HSBC
  • Ahli United bank
  • AIBK
  • Emirated NBD
  • Arab Bank
  • QNB AlAhli
  • Bank Audi


available predefined NPM scripts. Run them by typing this in your terminal: npm run [script]

Name Description
lint Runs ESlint on all files from ./src and ./tests
lint:fix Runs ESlint and fixes all the inconsistencies
test Runs the tests with Mocha
test:dev Re-runs the tests whenever a change occurs
build Compiles all ES2015 files to ES5 (legacy code)
clean Removes the compiled files
start Run src/index.js using babel-node

NOTE: There is another script prepublish that runs before you publish the package to NPM. All it does is to run clean and build.


Before you submit a pull request, please take the following actions.

  1. Open an issue describing the contribution you would like to make
  2. Discuss until we all agree that your idea is useful for the project
  3. Create a pull request but make sure you follow the style guide and the tests pass
  4. Voila! You've done an amazing job.


  • Andrei Canta for the work he has put into his npm-starter project
  • Airbnb for the work they've put into the javascript style guide and into the ESlint package.


MIT @ Mohamed Mayla


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