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    JavaScript api for eero home mesh networks

    This is an api for use with node or any other javascript platform to give access to the eero API. It is based on eero-client from 343max which does this in python. The sample.js cli lets you play with the api and see what the results look like. It also demonstrates how to use it.


    Eero does not authenticate with simple user/password but rather through sending and receiving of tokens via text messages. That means, any application will need to negotiate with the api to receive a token. I've taken care of this behind the scenes by storing the results in a global cookie file. That may not be the most robust way of handling storage of the token but this was a quick first pass.

    The cookie file is stored in /tmp an you can find the full name of the cookie file in the code. You will need to go through the login sequence to pass in your phone number and then enter the received code. The sample.js walks you through it but with a standalone app such as an IOT device, you'll need to get that code at setup time.

    Running the sample

    You must have node installed along with npm.

    1. clone this repo
    2. npm install
    3. node sample.js
      • if you want some debug messages: DEBUG=* node sample js

    That should be enough to get you started. This was my first node app so I welcome feedback and contributions to make it better.


    npm i eero-js-api

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