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    Dungeonary - The Ultimate Gamemaster and D&D Utility Lib

    Ideas or suggestions? Drop an issue on Github and I'll do my best to add it!

    It's like a library but magic!

    This is a core component of the TavernBot project. This library is constantly being updated with fresh SRD content for various RPGs, and is intended as a general-use RPG library. Dungeonary is made up of the following pieces:

    Working Components:

    • adventuregen.js: An adventure hook generator, a lazy GM's best frienst! It has content and solid adventure generation for high fantasy adventures, and it has stubs for Low Fantasy, Modern, Space, Cyberpunk, and Steampunk settings. I plan to implement them all and continually update the options available.

    In-progress Components:

    • diceroller.js: Pretty straightforward, my goal here is the smallest and fastest comprehensive dice roller. It will be able to handle queries like "2d20k1+5, 5d6+5-2d4" as a single input, and return output in array and sum form
    • beastiary.js: Monster lookup! I currently have SRD info for 5e and Pathfinder, but I still have to get searching and formatting complete. Then we'll have a great monster lookup tool that can be implemented anywhere, from Discord to a Blog!
    • spellbook.js: Same thing as beastiary.js but with spells.

    Future Components:

    • quest.js: For general and flexible session-sized-adventure generation! When you have an arc and you're grasping at straws for what an NPC needs the PCs to do, quest.js will be there to help
    • pc.js: Gimme characters! This will initially support simple 5e level 1 generation based on the official SRD, and will expand to include Pathfinder and other systems. This will also support creation of funnel characters!
    • npc.js: Gimme npcs! Always a handy tool, no rpg library is complete without a proper npc generator. This library will also handle name generation
    • feats.js: A feat lookup system could be neat
    • Dungeon world/Fate/Other System support: I'd like to add srd support for fate, DW, and several other systems in the spell and monster lookup and character generation

    Note: This is currently an 0.x release, expect in-progress components to be fully fleshed out by 1.0. I'm pouring free time into this project, so hopefully that's soon :)


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