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    DualShock Library

    Now Supports:

    • DS4 led/rumble/trackpad even over bluetooth!
    • DS4 internal speaker & headphone/headset jack!

    Documentation & Code Examples Coming Soon.

    For now, here's a quick summary:

    Install with npm install dualshock --global-style, then include with ds = require('dualshock')

    Important Library Functions:

    • ds.getDevices(type) returns list of devices with given type
    •, options={}) opens device and returns gamepad object
    • ds.getType(gamepadOrDevice) returns gamepad type string (like "ds3" or "ds4")
    • ds.getFeatures(gamepad) returns list of special features (like "charge" or "rumble")

    Important Gamepad Properties:

    • gamepad.ondigital callback to trigger when digital button is pressed
    • gamepad.onanalog callback when analog axis (or button) value is changed
    • gamepad.onmotion callback when controller motion is detected
    • gamepad.onstatus callback when battery level or other status information changes
    • gamepad.setLed(state) set controller leds. function is undefined if not supported. DS4 takes (r, g, b) instead
    • gamepad.setLed(one, two, three, four) alt set controller leds
    • gamepad.rumble(left, right, durL, durR) make controller rumble. function is undefined if not supported
    • gamepad.rumbleAdd(left, right, durL, durR) add power or duration to current rumble
    • gamepad.type same as ds.getType(gamepad), but shorter
    • gamepad.setVolume(left, right, mic, spk) set volume of DS4
    • gamepad.sound(data) write sound to DS4. use int16 44100Hz audio. Will be converted to 32000Hz and compressed.

    NOTE: gamepad.sound can take an optional second parameter that determines the maximum buffer size when the function is called for the first time.

    All callback functions follow the format function(buttonOrAxis, value)


    To use the example program, cd to the examples folder and run the command node test. You'll need to install the npm module chalk.


    npm i dualshock

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