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    Dotnet Settings Module

    dotnet-settings-version dotnet-settings-status dotnet-settings-build

    This Module helps you easily to manage your .Net Core Build Settings, so it can used by an TeamBuild System or any other Meanings.


    .Net Core defines his Build-, Package-, Version- and Project-Settings in separat .csproj Files. For example, if you want define the Signing of your Assembly, you have to do this separatly for each Project in each Project File. DotNet Settings Manager helps you to define your Project Settings globally.

    You will get the another Benefit if you combine dotnet-settings with appversion-mgr. appversion-mgr controls the Versions of your Project. This informations will used by dotnet-settings to define the detailed Versions for each Project.

    How to use it?

    CLI Mode

    Install dotnet-settings with npm install -g dotnet-settings. After this call dotnetmgr --help to get further Informations.

    Package Mode

    Install dotnet-settings with npm install dotnet-settings. After finish you can use dotnet-settings in your own Node Package Project.

    // Sample
    // For Pattern Details see
    import { DotNetSettings } from 'dotnet-settings';
    const solutionFile=''
    const settings = new DotNetSettings(solutionFile, {
        UseAppVersionMgr: true,
        LogLevel: 'warn',    
    // Init Settings with overwriting existing Settings,
    // or Init Settings without overwriting
    // Update existing Project Settings, for example while Teambuild is running

    Init the Settings File

    Simple call dotnetmgr --init --solution <Path to your Solution File>. After this action you will get per .Net Project an separat <ProjectName>.json File, for specific Project Settings, and a <SolutionName>.json for global Project Settings.

    Data Structure

    Here you can see an example of an Solution- and an Project File after the Init. The Meaning of each Property could be found in MSDN.

    Solution Settings

    This Settings are global for all Projects and will inherited to each Project found in the Solution File.

        "Build": {
            "AssemblyOriginatorKeyFile": null,
            "Configuration": "Release",
            "DelaySign": false,
            "OutputPath": null,
            "RuntimeIdentifiers": null,
            "SignAssembly": false,
            "TargetFramework": "netcoreapp2.2",
            "GenerateDocumentationFile": false
        "Package": {
            "Authors": null,
            "Company": null,
            "Copyright": null,
            "GeneratePackageOnBuild": false,
            "PackageProjectUrl": null,
            "RepositoryType": "git",
            "RepositoryUrl": null,
            "BadgeBaseUrl": null
        "Version": {
            "AssemblyVersion": "",
            "FileVersion": "",
            "InformationalVersion": "0.1.0",
            "PackageVersion": "0.1.0",
            "Version": "0.1.0",
            "VersionPrefix": "0.1.0",
            "VersionSuffix": null
        "Pattern": {
            "AssemblyVersion": "M.m.p.t",
            "FileVersion": "M.m.p.t",
            "InformationalVersion": "M.m.p-S.s-t",
            "PackageVersion": "M.m.p-S.s-t",
            "Version": "M.m.p",
            "VersionPrefix": "M.m.p",
            "VersionSuffix": "S.s-t",

    Project Settings

    Override specific Settings for each Project.

        "ProjectFile": "Path to your Project File.csproj",
        "Project": {
            "Description": "A Project Description",
            "PackageTags": "Tags separated by space",
            "RootNamespace": "Namespace of your Assembly",
            "AssemblyName": "Sample.Core",
            "IsTestProject": false


    Only .Net Core and C# Projects are supported.


    npm i dotnet-settings

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