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A lighter, faster, modular jQuery replacement (manipulate DOM, bind events, and more...)

Homepage | API Documentation

Download & Embed

<script src="dollar.min.js"></script>

Install & Require

Available as an NPM package

$ npm install dollar-js --save
var $ = require('dollar-js');

Simple Usage

See more examples in our API Documentation

var $body = $('body').css({ background: '#369' });
$body.addClass('foo').on('click', function () { console.log(this.className); });

Need Ajax?

For optimal performance, Ajax features are not included in DollarJS by default. If you need them, simply add the DollarJS Ajax Plugin to your page alongside the original library.

<script src="dollar.js"></script>
<script src="dollar.ajax.js"></script>

Under the Hood

Install the development package

From Github

$ git clone git@github.com:seebigs/dollar-js.git
$ cd dollar-js
$ npm install

From NPM

$ npm install dollar-js
$ cd node_modules/dollar-js
$ npm install

How Much Faster Are We Talking?

In the current build, we clock ourselves at over 4x faster on average across various operations!

See for yourself

$ npm run benchmark

We Are Modular!

If you need a custom build

$ npm run build --modules=core,animate,style
$ cat prebuilt/dollar.min.js

Available Modules:

  • core (always included)
  • animate
  • compat
  • filter
  • mutate
  • readwrite
  • style
  • traverse
  • trigger

Test Coverage

We have strong test coverage that compares DollarJS behavior against similar methods in jQuery and against expected results on a fixtured document

$ npm run test
$ node bundl test --run=path/in/spec.js
$ node bundl test --run=path/to/category

Currently, these unit tests only run in a Node.js environment, but we have plans to expand our automated coverage across browsers.


Help us make DollarJS as useful and compatible as possible.


Report and discuss issues on Github

Please review our limitations and help us to overcome them.

Write Code

Contribute changes using the following steps:

  1. Create a new feature branch from the latest master, then make and save your changes
  2. Run npm run test and ensure that all tests pass
  3. Commit your changes to your branch
  4. Add a pull request and get some code review
  5. Merge your branch into master

Publish the latest changes:

  1. Increment the DollarJS version number in package.json following semantic versioning ("x.y.1" -> "x.y.2")
  2. Commit this change to master with the new version number in your message ("CB: npm publish x.y.2")
  3. Run npm publish from the project root


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