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Dodgy build status

The idea behind this module has been explained in my good old blog, and was born after the following gist as improved and well tested 30 LOC "life saver".

How to opt in for .abort([optionalValue])

In order to make a promise cancelable we need to invoke the third argument which is a callback expecting to know what to do in case of abortion.

import {Dodgy} from 'dodgy';
var p = new Dodgy(function (res, rej, onAbort) {
  var t = setTimeout(res, 1000, 'OK');
  onAbort(function (butWhy) {
    return butWhy || 'because';
  console.warn.bind(console)  // <- .abort()
// at any time later on
p.abort('not needed anynmore');

How to opt in as externally resolvable

Canceling a Promise is one thing, resolving it externally is a whole new "dodger" level but we can explicitly opt in if that's needed.

var p = new Dodgy(
  function (res, rej, optInAbort) {
    // we still need to opt in for abortability
    // simply invoke the third argument
    // passing a "no-op" function, if needed
    optInAbort(Object); // Object would do
  true  // <- go even dodger !!!
// our p now will have 3 methods:

At this point we can fully control our Promise, proudly riding the edges of nonsense-land!


Either one Promise in the iterable solve or the returned dodgy promise is aborted, all other dodgy promises in the iterable will be aborted too.

var race = Dodgy.race(p1, d2, p3, p4, d5);
// if any of those promises is resolved
// all abortable will be aborted
// e.g.  d2.abort(); d5.abort(); will be called
// the same happens if the race itself is aborted


We can p.then().catch() as much as we like, all control methods will be propagated down the road.

Chaining abortable and resolvable promises

I believe it is a very bad idea to create alchemy capable of chaining abortaability or resolutions. The resolution per promise can be different per each Promise, and so is the reason to abort. Combine these in a chain would lead to disasters.

Accordingly, if we need to chain multiple abortable Promises, we can return a new one instead, creating points in the chain where abort would make sense.

Multiple abortable/resolvable in the same chain

The way we could resolve a Promise is different per promise, and so is the reason we might abort. I haven't spent much time over-complicating a thing here. If you need to pass along an abortable promise that shuold abort a received one, you are free to create promises like the following:

// we have a p1, we return a p2
return new Dodgy(function (res, rej, onAbort) {
  // logic to resolve or reject here ... then ...
  onAbort(function () {
    // abort previous one
    p1.abort('from p2');
    // now abort this one doing whatever is needed


Every browser and JavaScript engine, but the Promise polyfill is not included. Try es6-promise if you want, it worked for my tests on IE8 too.

Which file?

npm install dodgy for modules, build folder for all other versions.

Which license?

The MIT style License


npm i dodgy

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