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Docz quick start

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Quickly start using docs with this preconfigured instance of docz, no need to have to ruffle through the config documents.


  • You are comfortable using the node package manager npm in the command line environment.
  • You have a understanding of how to use markdown.
  • (Optional) You know how to use React , altough docz is built on a .mdx framework, knowing how to use react will help you to create more dynamic content, you will be able to use it just fine writing mdx only.

Creating instance of docs

git clone
cd Docz-quick-starter
npm install
npm start

When npm start is run the browser should pop open with your shiny new docz instance.

See the example app here.

Docz Official

If you are wondering where the rest is, this is a documents app so the rest of your questions will be answered once you have the app running.

Special thanks

Thanks to the effors of Pedro Nauck who created docz.


npm i docz-quick-start

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