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Robust, stylable tree view widget for HTML5 apps.
Features multiple item selection, keyboard navigation and cancellable drag'n'drop, suitable for networked apps.

How to install

npm install dnd-tree-view


Check out the live demo and its source code.

  • Include TreeView.js in your page.
  • Create a container element, call treeView = new TreeView(container).
  • Create a list item element (<li>), put whatever you want inside.
  • Use treeView.append(listItem, type, optionalParent) or treeView.insertBefore(listItem, type, referenceListItem) with type one of 'item' or 'group'.

The TreeView constructor takes an optional second options parameter. It supports the following keys:

  • dragStartCallback and dropCallback for handling drag'n'drop operations.
  • multipleSelection is a boolean indicating whether to enable multiple item selection or not.

If dragStartCallback is not null, then dragging elements will be enabled. It must return a boolean indicating whether to start the drag operation or cancel it. You can use event.dataTransfer.setData(...) to setup drag'n'drop metadata.

If dropCallback is not null, then dropping will be enabled. It must return a boolean indicating whether to proceed with the reparenting/reordering or not.

See index.d.ts for the full API and arguments.

Building from source

  • Make sure you have a recent version of Node.js installed.
  • Clone the repository from https://github.com/sparklinlabs/dnd-tree-view and run npm install once
  • Run npm run build to build once or npm run watch to start a watcher that will rebuild when changes are detected


npm i dnd-tree-view

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