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    An easy package to make OP Discord Raid Bots!

    This package was made to help people make their raid bots with ease, You don't really have to know coding knowledge, just knowing how to open an ide and run a Discord Bot!

    Setting UP

    Please put the code next to your **const client = new Discord.Client()** so that the code above is able to operate with your already declared const client
    const Discord = require('discord.js') //we require discord
    const client = new Discord.Client() //setting/creating a new discord client (bot)
    const Disc_rd = require('discord-raid-toolkit-revamp')
    const raid = new Disc_rd.RaidBot(client) //here we pass client parameter, as you see i set it as client because that is the name i put it as in const **client**
    client.on('message', async message => {
    	if(message.content.startsWith('!deletechannels')) {
    	await raid.deleteAllChannels(message.guild.id) //deleting every channel in the guild with the id provided, in this case, the current guild where command was executed
    client.login('Your very very secret token')


    Please refer to our documentation to read examples/usage of every function by opening the following link: https://singular1140.gitbook.io/drtk-documentation/ ! :D ( If you want to ask/suggest me something about the package, here is my discord tag: Weird#6785 / Si quieres preguntarme algo del package/darme algúna sugerencia, aquí está mi tag: Weird#6785)

    + - Btw there was a typo in set up code, please re-copy paste it and then it will work as expected + - Added banAll(guild_id, reason) - Btw, reason in every function is always optional, Just remembering ya


    npm i discord-raid-toolkit-revamp

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