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    demolishedCompressor pack's a .js/json/text file into a PNG image with an optinal HTML payload.

    The default behavior is when a packed file opened in a browser the HTML is extracted and the javascript executes. This option (default) is designed to pack/compress 4k, 8k and 64k demos build using Javascript into one "executable".

    By using the external/custom unpacker you can pack 1-n resources and take advantage of demolishedcompressor and its functionality.


    npm install demolishedcompressor


    Compress/Pack ( Pngify )

    Pngify(src: string, dest: string, preHTML?: string, customScript?: string): Promise<any>

    TypeScript definition

    static Mjolnir(src: string, dest: string, map: any): Promise<any>;
    static Pngify(src: string, dest: string, preHTML?: string, customScript?: string): Promise<any>;



    Default (built-in unpack)

    Do not pass customScript

    Custom unpacker

    Your custom unpacker javascript must consist of a function named z() , this is called by default.

    Here follows an example

    z = function() {
    c = String.fromCharCode;
    q = document.querySelector.bind(document);
    i = q("img");
    x = q("#c").getContext("2d");
    d = x.getImageData(0, 0, i.width, i.height).data;
    b = [];
    s = 1E6;
    p = b.push.bind(b);    
    l = function(a) {
        var w = (a / d.length) * 100;
        q("#p").style.width = w + "%";
        for (i = a; i < a + s && i < d.length; i += 4) p(c(d[i])), p(c(d[i + 1])), p(c(d[i + 2]));
        a < d.length ? setTimeout(function() {
            l(a + s)
        }, 100) : (s = b.join("").replace(/\\0/g, " "), (0, eval)(s),q("#p").style.display = "h")

    see example/compress-custom.ts for a complete example

    Create an instance of unpacker

     let instance = U.I();

    Unpack a file

    instance.F("packedfile.png",  (result) => {
       // deal with the unpacked result
       // i.e JSON.parse, eval etc.  

    TypeScript definition

    declare class U {
    u(i: HTMLImageElement, cb: (result: any) => {}): void;
    F(file: string, cb: (result: any) => {}): void;
    static I(): U;


    How to compress a file that automatically unpacks and executes when opened

     import { Compressor } from 'demolishedcompressor';
    const html = '<p>replace this with your html</p>'
    // packs foo.js into output.png.html

    Compile and run the script

    How to compress a file that will use external/custom unpacker

    import { Compressor } from 'demolishedcompressor';
    // packs /tiny/rawsong.json into tiny.png
    let html = ``;

    Compile and run the script

    Live example's

    Below you find a short description of each example as well as links that lets you se the result.

    Example 1

    This example uses demolishedPlayer (WebGL & GLSL Shader rendering engine), demolishedSynth (DSP/Procedual audio) and procedual textures created using demolishedTexture and GLSL Shader code and some custom markup.

    Unpacked size 12173 bytes, packed result is 6235 without any major minification of code.

    Note , Click the canvas to start audio.

    Example 2

    This example packs a song created using Efflux ( ) unpacks and plays the song.

    Example 3



    npm i demolishedcompressor

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