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    Enables real-time visualization of your application state.

    Created by @romseguy and merged from reduxjs/d3-state-visualizer.



    yarn install d3-state-visualizer


    import { tree } from 'd3-state-visualizer';
    const appState = {
      todoStore: {
        todos: [
          { title: 'd3' },
          { title: 'state' },
          { title: 'visualizer' },
          { title: 'tree' },
        completedCount: 1,
    const render = tree(document.getElementById('root'), {
      state: appState,
      id: 'treeExample',
      size: 1000,
      aspectRatio: 0.5,
      isSorted: false,
      widthBetweenNodesCoeff: 1.5,
      heightBetweenNodesCoeff: 2,
      style: { border: '1px solid black' },
      tooltipOptions: { offset: { left: 30, top: 10 }, indentationSize: 2 },

    Charts API

    The APIs are minimal and consists of a single function you provide with:

    • a DOM element
    • a plain old JS object for options.


    This chart is a bit special as it accepts either one of the two following options, but not both:

    • tree: a properly formed tree structure such as one generated by map2tree or react2tree
    • state: a plain javascript object mapping arbitrarily nested keys to values – which will be transformed into a tree structure, again using map2tree.

    Other options are listed below and have reasonable default values if you want to omit them:

    Option Type Default Description
    id String 'd3svg' Sets the identifier of the SVG element —i.e your chart— that will be added to the DOM element you passed as first argument
    style Object {} Sets the CSS style of the chart
    size Number 500 Sets size of the chart in pixels
    aspectRatio Float 1.0 Sets the chart height to size * aspectRatio and viewBox in order to preserve the aspect ratio of the chart. Great video if you want to learn more about how SVG works
    widthBetweenNodesCoeff Float 1.0 Alters the horizontal space between each node
    heightBetweenNodesCoeff Float 1.0 Alters the vertical space between each node
    isSorted Boolean false Sorts the chart in alphabetical order
    transitionDuration Number 750 Sets the duration of all the transitions used by the chart
    tooltipOptions Object here Sets the options for the tooltip that is showing up when you're hovering the nodes
    rootKeyName String 'state' Sets the first node's name of the resulting tree structure. Warning: only works if you provide a state option
    pushMethod String 'push' Sets the method that shall be used to add array children to the tree. Warning: only works if you provide a state option

    More to come...

    ## Bindings


    example implementation.


    • Threshold for large arrays so only a single node is displayed instead of all the children. That single node would be exclude from searching until selected.


    npm i d3-state-visualizer

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