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Cypress Webpack Multibundle Preprocessor

Cypress preprocessor for bundling JavaScript via webpack.

This differs from the official implementation as it will compile/bundle all spec tests found in the cypress/integration folder only once when you call cypress run, rather than run a seperate Webpack build per spec file.

The reason we want this is because we use Cypress as a unit testing tool, which means each spec test imports the main codebase, this causes building each spec to take 60+ seconds each.

Known Limitations

  • Hardcoded to find all specs in cypress/integration, this is because Cypress currently assumes you only want to compile the spec right before it's execution and only provides the spec filepath to compile at that point in time.
  • Bundling all specs at once only occurs if not in interactive / watch mode. The code for watch mode is identical to how the official implementation works.


npm i cypress-webpack-multibundle-preprocessor

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