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Socket.IO Friendly Wrapper

An easy module to create servers


  • Broadcast events directly from client-side
  • Easy way to implement RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
  • An confortable and intituive way to make eventListeners and RPC

How to Allow an specific event to be broadcasted directly from the client-side

An example of how to allow the event talk to be broadcasted directly from the client-side. You can use talk or whatever you want and the quantity what you want


connection to http:// : 4040 /

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script> <!-- node-modules/ -->

	var room = new RoomClient({port:4040});
	room.on('connect', function(){
		room.broadcast('talk', 'Hello everybody!');

	room.on('talk', function(fromId, arg0){ // receives at the first parameter, 
											// the of the sender, and 
											// after that all parameters sended 
											// to the method broadcast except 
											// the eventName

		console.log(fromId + ' says: ' + arg0);


var cuackIO = require('');
var socketIOServer = new cuackIO.ServerSocket(
	4040,  // on port 4040
		roomOptions: {
			broadcastEventsAllowed: ['talk'] // you can add more than one

How to add a custom eventListener or RPC


var cuackIO = require(''),
	util = require('util')

function MyRoomHandler(serverInstance, options){
	cuackIO.Room.apply(this, arguments);

util.inherits(MyRoomHandler, cuackIO.Room);

Add talk event to emit directly to broadcast from clientSide (another way)


All methods prefixed by on are EventListeners, and receives 1 parameter allways, socket, is a reference to the client socket object, Socket to emit this from client you must call room.emit('talkWithFriend', friendID); denotes the difference between case in the first character of the eventName

MyRoomHandler.prototype.onTalkWithFriend = function(socket, friendID, msg){
	this.getClient(friendID).emit('privateTalk', {
		msg: msg

All methods prefixed by rpc are RPC methods, and receives 2 parameters allways, the socket and response, response is a callback where you must return a some value and this value will be returned to a callback in client-side. To call this method from the client-side you must call room.rpc('setUserName', function(response){}, 'myUserName');

MyRoomHandler.prototype.rpcSetUserName = function(socket, response, userName){
	socket.set('username', userName, function(){

To call this method from the client-side you must call room.rpc('getUserName', function(name){ console.log('my name is: ' + name); });

MyRoomHandler.prototype.rpcGetUserName = function(socket, response){
	socket.get('username', function(err, name){

With that code, you have a new class named MyRoomHandler You can use this class to handle all new rooms in your application, an example below

var socketIOServer = new cuackIO.ServerSocket(
	4040,  // on port 4040
		roomOptions: {
			roomHandlerConstructor: MyRoomHandler

Now you server will use the MyRoomHandler to handle the new rooms

How to create a room

var socketIOServer = new cuackIO.ServerSocket(port,options);

socketIOServer.createRoom( Room, {name: 'myChatRoom'});

Another Examples

socketIOServer.createRoom( SignalRoom, {name: 'mobilesSignals', signals: ['kill', 'open', 'close', 'connect']});
socketIOServer.createRoom( NotificationsRoom, {name: 'Notifications', refreshRate: 60});
socketIOServer.createRoom( ServerStatsRoom, {name: 'serverStats', refreshRate: 10});
socketIOServer.createRoom( ChatRoom, {name: 'MobilesRoom'});
socketIOServer.createRoom( ChatRoom, {name: 'GamesRoom'});
socketIOServer.createRoom( ChatRoom, {name: 'AllTopicsRoom', allowPrivateMessages: false});

You can create a new Room from a Room Object via RPC

MyRoomHandler.prototype.**rpc**CreatePrivateRoom = function(socket, response, friendID){
	var created, name;

	created = this.server.createRoom(ChatRoom, {
		name: (name = 'privRoom_' + + '_' + friendID)

		created: created,
		name: name

	this.getClient(friendID).emit('joinTo', name); // tells to the other user the name of the new room to join it

How to use the samples in this repository

clone the repository... and... node app go to the browser, and types localhost/default.html


node sample go to the browser, and types localhost/sample.html

default, use the Room class, this class is very simple and it's maded to be extended, is not abstract because you can allow a events to be broadcasted if you want, and leave the complexity of your application only to the client-side (take care of the security in this case)

sample, creates an ChatRoom that allow the event talk to be broadcasted and adds some rpcCalls, you can call any RPC from client UI in this example with the below sintax /rPCName arg0 arg1 arg2 argN and enter key

both examples are a "chat client" or an intent of that, with a log panel and a input text zone, to send messages o RPC/commands you must press Enter with the textarea focused.


  • Learn to write in english
  • Establish a way to inform a client to the rpc an event availables in the Room to advice to the programmer when emit or call an invalid event o rpc and prevents hacks or Floods
  • documentation, documentation, documentation
  • API Reference
  • more samples
  • drink a beer (or two)




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