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    A Discord webhook that posts a funny!!1!



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    The origin

    This kid on Discord:

    image 1

    image 2

    image 3

    Eh, it was garbage and made nobody laugh, so I made it better :)



    • Node.js (compatible with v12.18.3 LTS)
    • Discord.js (compatible with v12.3.1)

    DevDependencies (for development)

    • ESLint (compatible with v7.9.0)


    Navigate to the directory of your project.

    Run npm install cringehook to install cringehook. Details on using it can be found below.

    If you plan on only ever using cringehook through the test script, instead install using npm install -g cringehook to install globally.


    If you want to skip writing code and just use cringehook from the CLI, see test script.

    Big brain guide

    If you're smart, here's the JSDoc which should be easy to understand:

    cringehook(id, token);

    Module that post teh funi embed using a Discord.js webhook. Additional usage instructions, details and examples are in the module's readme.

    Parameter: string id "id" is your Webhook ID.

    Parameter: string token "token" is your Webhook Token.

    Throws: DiscordAPIError Throws a DiscordAPIError.

    Returns: Promise Returns a promise.

    Asynchronous: This module is asynchronous.

    Require cringehook and use the default function as documented. See examples.

    Noob guide

    For newbies, follow the guide below:

    After having installed cringehook into your project with npm, add const cringehook = require("cringehook"); to the top of the file where you wish to use cringehook. This will expose the cringehook() function to your file.

    Usage of the function is fairly simple. Run cringehook(id, token); where you replace "id" with your Webhook ID and "token" with your Webhook Token (these must be strings).

    Your Webhook ID is the set of random numbers in the URL: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/940402354661876488/Xi2auN2s_TRiSJqAUvJ693RMsrD3iANsIgHG8XB8OmvQQxB0mnxKeaERfWhOgMiFvTmy7

    Your Webhook Token is the set of random characters at the end of the URL: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/940402354661876488/Xi2auN2s_TRiSJqAUvJ693RMsrD3iANsIgHG8XB8OmvQQxB0mnxKeaERfWhOgMiFvTmy7

    The function will return a promise that is fulfilled upon success and rejected on an error. It will also throw a DiscordAPIError if any occurs.


    Basic usage:

    const cringehook = require("cringehook");
    cringehook("940402354661876488", "Xi2auN2s_TRiSJqAUvJ693RMsrD3iANsIgHG8XB8OmvQQxB0mnxKeaERfWhOgMiFvTmy7")
        .then(a => {process.exit();});

    Advanced usage (async/await and promises):

    const cringehook = require("cringehook");
    async function ccring() {
        await cringehook("940402354661876488", "Xi2auN2s_TRiSJqAUvJ693RMsrD3iANsIgHG8XB8OmvQQxB0mnxKeaERfWhOgMiFvTmy7")
            .catch((err) => {
                console.error(`Error posting funny: ${err}`);
        console.log("Successfully posted a funny");

    This example uses the .catch syntax to catch any thrown errors, and notify the user. See a list of common errors below.

    Test script

    If you wish, you can also use the built-in test script. Navigate to your project directory where cringehook is installed (skip if installed globally) and run npx cringehook [id] [token], where id and token are the Webhook ID and Token as explained in noob guide. This will post teh funny straight from the CLI.

    Common errors

    These are some common errors that may be thrown, and their causes:

    • DiscordAPIError: 404: Not Found: You didn't supply a token.
    • DiscordAPIError: Invalid Form Body webhook_id: Value "" is not snowflake.: The ID contained non-numeric characters (invalid).
    • DiscordAPIError: Invalid Webhook Token: The supplied token is invalid or incorrect.
    • DiscordAPIError: Unknown Webhook: The supplied webhook ID doesn't exist, or the wrong data type was given.
    • DiscordAPIError: 405: Method Not Allowed: You didn't supply a token or some data was invalid.


    For additional questions, you can open an issue or join the Discord server to ask for help.


    cringehook is licensed under the MIT License.



    tfw your readme is longer than all your actual code combined

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    (c) 2020, TheThunderGuyS


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