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    🚀 create-ngx

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    The fastest way to rocket start your Angular projects

    This package is a no-install frontend for ngX-Rocket. It allows you to use the latest ngX-Rocket CLI with any local or remote add-ons from NPM without having to install it on your machine.

    See ngX-Rocket documentation for the full details and options.

    Note: This package does not replace the original ngx CLI, it is aimed to compliment it by providing an always-fresh, no-install alternative. If you plan to frequently generate new projects, it is better to install the generator-ngx-rocket globally to use the local ngx CLI instead of create-ngx that will always fetch the latest version from the network.

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    To create a new project, just run:

    npm init ngx


    yarn create ngx

    or simply

    npx create-ngx

    Any supported ngX-Rocket option can be used.

    Using add-ons

    You can provide a coma-separated list of add-ons to use using the --addons option. By default add-ons will be fetched from NPM, but any supported package format can be used, so local packages and private git repositories for example works too.

    Some examples:

    npm init ngx --addons addon-firebase # fetch generator-addon-firebase from NPM
    npm init ngx --addons ../my-local-addon # use local add-on
    npm init ngx --addons ngx-rocket/addon-firebase # add-on from github repo
    npm init ngx --addons https://github.com/ngx-rocket/addon-firebase.git # add-on from git repo
    npm init ngx --addons addon-firebase,addon-azure-deploy # multiple add-ons can be provided

    Note: when using add-ons from NPM, the generator- prefix is automatically added for you if you don't specify it.

    What's included?

    See the list of features here.




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