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Create Ecma App

This project is like a create-react-app. Everybody knows that install and configure Babel is boring.

This boilerplate uses the last version of babel and create a small vanilla project using Ecma features.

create ecma app command

Create your own project

To create your project you only must run:

  $ npx create-ecma-app my-app-name
  $ cd my-app-name

And now you have a node with ecma features working.

Options to create your project

The create-ecma-app will generate the project with default params, but you can set passing params in terminal.

Usage: create-ecma-app <project-name> [options]
  -V, --version                    output the version number
  -v, --verbose                    print additional logs
  -d, --description [description]  description to project
  -a, --author [author]            author of the project
  --ask-me                         the create-ecma-app will ask about props
                                   in generation
  -h, --help                       output usage information
    Only <project-name> is required.

Commands in project generated

In your project you have the commands:

Command Description
start Start the project in production mode (must build before)
build Build the project in dist folder
build:web Build the project in dist folder to run in browser
dev Run in development mode with watcher
exec Run the code in src folder once without build
lint Run lint validator using Airbnb lint pattern
lint:fix Run lint validator and fix some bugs if exists
test Run tests using jest
test:coverage Run tests using jest and return the coverage code
validate Run tests and lint (ideal to CI)

You can run with npm run or yarn. Ps: If yarn exists in your machine, the installation will use instead of npm


npm i create-ecma-app

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