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    AirGap Secure Storage - Cordova Plugin


    Install the plugin simply using npm:

    npm install cordova-plugin-airgap-secure-storage --save

    Make sure the plugin is added in your cordova config.xml as follows:

    <plugin name="cordova-plugin-airgap-secure-storage" spec="0.1.5" />


    In order to use Face ID, this plugins requires the following usage description:

    • NSFaceIDUsageDescription describes the reason why the app needs access to the secure storage.

    To add this entry into the info.plist, you can use the edit-config tag in the config.xml like this:

    <edit-config target="NSFaceIDUsageDescription" file="*-Info.plist" mode="merge">
        <string>Face ID is needed to save your keys to the secure storage.</string>

    Pre-Requisites Android / iOS

    To work, SecureStorage requires a secure lock-screen setup, either secured by a PIN / Pattern or Fingerprint. Otherwise, the keystore cannot be used to safely store data.

    Android Version Support

    Versions below Android 4.3 (API Version 18) are not supported by this plugin.

    Version Fingerprint / Biometric Paranoia Mode (additional Encryption) Lockscreen Setup (PIN)
    >= Android 6.0 M (23) Optional Required
    >= Android 4.3 (18) Required Required


    The plugin provides a global variable as any cordova plugin does, to create a new instance call it as follows:

    const secureStorage = new window.SecureStorage("secure-storage-alias", false)

    You need to init() the SecureStorage instance in order to set it up properly if necessary.

    secureStorage.init(() => {
        // successful setup
    }), (error) => {
        // setup failed

    Then, the plugin provides the following functionalities:

    secureStorage.isDeviceSecure(key, value, () => {}, (error) => {})
    secureStorage.secureDevice(key, value, () => {}, (error) => {})
    secureStorage.setItem(key, value, () => {}, (error) => {})
    secureStorage.getItem(key, (value) => {}, (error) => {})
    secureStorage.removeItem(key, () => {}, (error) => {})
    secureStorage.removeAll(key, () => {}, (error) => {})

    Everything else is handled by the device.


    npm i cordova-plugin-airgap-secure-storage

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