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    A Node.js module for fast conjugation of french verbs.

    This package is based on the Verbiste database. It contains more than 7000 verbs.


    Simple conjugation

    Syntaxe: conjugationFR#conjugate(verb, mode, tense, fGender = false, forceAux) It supports pronominial forms. By default, gender is masculine. Set fGender to true to agree to feminine gender. For verbs with two auxiliary, you can specify which one with forceAux. Example:

    const conjugationFR = require("conjugation-fr");
    conjugationFR.conjugate("aller", "indicative", "perfect-tense");
    // returns:
      { pronoun: 'je', pronounIndex: 0, verb: 'suis allé' },
      { pronoun: 'tu', pronounIndex: 1, verb: 'es allé' },
      { pronoun: 'il', pronounIndex: 2, verb: 'est allé' },
      { pronoun: 'nous', pronounIndex: 3, verb: 'sommes allé' },
      { pronoun: 'vous', pronounIndex: 4, verb: 'êtes allé' },
      { pronoun: 'ils', pronounIndex: 5, verb: 'sont allé' }

    Find conjugation

    Syntaxe: conjugationFR#findTense(verb, input) To parse a user input to know which tense and mode are used, a findTense function is available and returns the same array as the conjugate function. For instance, all the lines below returns the verb "aller" conjugate with the indicative perfect tense:

    conjugationFR.findTense("aller", "indicative perfect-tense");
    conjugationFR.findTense("aller", "perfect-tense");
    conjugationFR.findTense("aller", "passé-composé indicatif");
    conjugationFR.findTense("aller", "passé composé");

    If there is no mode specified, indicative mode will be used by default.

    Modes and tenses

    Below are available modes and tenses with their translation:

    • infinitive: infinitif
      • infinitive-present: infinitif présent
    • indicative: indicatif
      • present: présent
      • imperfect: imparfait
      • future: futur
      • simple-past: passé simple
      • perfect-tense: passé composé
      • pluperfect: plus-que-parfait
      • anterior-past: passé antérieur
      • anterior-future: futur antérieur
    • conditional: conditionnel
      • present: présent
      • conditional-past: passé conditionnel
    • subjunctive: subjonctif
      • present: présent
      • imperfect: imparfait
      • subjunctive-past: subjonctif passé
      • subjunctive-pluperfect: subjonctif plus-que-parfait
    • imperative: impératif
      • imperative-present: impératif présent
      • imperative-past: impératif passé
    • participle: participe
      • present-participle: participe présent
      • past-participle: participe passé


    This package is based on the Verbiste database, which is distributed under the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).


    npm i conjugation-fr

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