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    Loads your app's configuration files in json, toml, yaml, ini, etc.

    ⚔️ What's the best format for configuration? Who cares! Stop wading into endless arguments. Let your users decide!

    Inspired most recently by release-it's support for various configuration formats.


    npm install confyglot
    const confyglot = require("confyglot")
    confyglot.load("path/to/myProject/someDirectory/", {
      root: "path/to/myProject/", // Build up a cascading configuration up to a project root
      configPrefix: ".myConfig",  // Look for .myConfig.json, .myConfig.yaml, .myConfig.yml, etc.
      defaults: {
        bestFileInDirectory: "info.txt", // Default values to be overridden
    }).then((config) => {
      console.log("Loaded configuration:", config);
    }).catch((error) => {
      console.error("Failed with error:", error)

    Feature Overview


    Various formats have various support for data types like date, numbers(!), and null. By default, Confyglot tries to normalize the output configuration so that you can work with the same JS object shape regardless of which configuration format was used.

    💡 You can even force any configuration format to have homogenous arrays like TOML does.

    Cascading Configurations Across Directories

    Subdirectories might want to override some of the properties of a parent directory's configuration. Let's call this "cascading". Confyglot can cascade files at each level in a directory tree up to a certain project root. You can also provide a default configuration that other configurations can override.

    Schema Validation

    You can have Confyglot check every loaded configuration against a JSON Schema you provide.


    The Confyglot class is generic, so you can specify the type of your configuration that you expect to load. This is most useful when combined with JSON schema validation.



    Confyglot is currently in pre-1.0 development. Its API may change. Also, it is currently very aggressive with throwing exceptions on malformed user configurations. After more usage we'll see if we might want to tone this down.


    ⚠️ For some reason, yaml might turn these property names lowercase: "False", "True", and "Null". Not sure in what other cases this might happen, but I would avoid using keywords as field names in your configuration schema for now.


    npm i confyglot

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