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    conan-aws-lambda is a barbarically simple deployment system for AWS Lambda.

    Unobtrusive and Unopinionated

    Code lambda functions any way you want, with any directory structure, any filenames... then just tell conan-aws-lambda how you want it deployed:

    // conan.config.js
    import Conan from "conan";
    import ConanAwsLambda from "conan-aws-lambda";
    conan = new Conan({
        region: "us-east-1"
    // deploy.js
    import "./conan.config.js";
            .description("A simple 'Hello, World!' example!")
    console.log("Deploy beginning...");
    conan.deploy(error => {
        if (error) { throw error; }
        console.log("Deploy complete!");

    Featuring seamless integration with conan-aws-api-gateway and akiro.js.

    Additionally, conan-aws-lambda comes with key integrations and advanced features such as remote package building (for architectural compatibility with compilers) and dependency management.

    Getting Started Guide

    1. Installation
    2. Quality and Compatibility
    3. Features
      • AWS API Gateway Integration
      • Akiro.js Integration
      • Name-Based IamARN Referencing
      • Deploy Other Runtimes


    Conan can be installed as an npm development dependency with a single terminal command:

    $ npm install conan --save-dev

    node 5.x.x node 4.x.x node 3.x.x iojs 2.x.x iojs 1.x.x node 0.12.x node 0.11.x node 0.10.x

    If your platform is not listed above, you can test your local environment for compatibility by copying and pasting the following commands into your terminal:

    npm install conan-aws-lambda
    cd node_modules/conan-aws-lambda
    npm test


    AWS IAM Roles & Permissions

    Important: In order for Conan AWS Lambda to work properly, you must provide an AWS IAM Role with sufficient permissions for:

    • Creating more IAM Roles and set their permissions
    • Full Access For AWS Lambda
    • Full Access For AWS API Gateway
    • Full Access For AWS S3


    • 0.1.0 - First BETA release for public review.

    How to Contribute

    To contribute to the core Conan.js repository, you will need a firm understanding of:

    • behavior-driven-development
    • linting with eslint
    • babel & transpiling

    In order for a pull request to be accepted:

    • All tests must pass.
    • All tests must be meaningful.
    • There must be 100% coverage for


    npm i conan-aws-lambda

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