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Common Algorithms in JavaScript

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Common algorithms implemented in JavaScript with Mocha/Chai testing. Uses Babel and UMD to transpile algorithm modules from ES6+ to ES5. Test coverage reports are provided by nyc and piped to Coveralls. Coveralls reports coverage for ES6+ algorithms (although both ES6+ and transpiled ES5 algorithms are tested by Travis-CI). All JavaScript code follows JavaScript Standard Style guidelines. README translations are provided in the locales directory and translated with Google Translate. Currently Spanish is available. Contributions are welcome! Follow the guidelines.







To install the algorithms for use in your project run:

yarn add common-algorithms-js

or if you don't have Yarn installed, run:

npm i common-algorithms-js

Once you've downloaded the library, you can start using it in your project like this:

Using require()

var algorithms = require('common-algorithms-js/es5').default

or if you only want a specific algorithm (the Bezier Curve algorithm for example):

var bezierCurve = require('common-algorithms-js/es5').bezierCurve

or if you only want a specific category of algorithms (string algorithms for example):

var stringAlgorithms = require('common-algorithms-js/es5').string

Using ES6 Import/Export

import * as algorithms from 'common-algorithms-js'

or if you only want a specific algorithm (the Fibonacci Number algorithm for example):

import { fibonacciNumber } from 'common-algorithms-js'

or if you only want a specific category of algorithms (math algorithms for example):

import { math } from 'common-algorithms-js'

The default export returns an object that looks something like this:

  array: {
    binarySearch: function...,
    bubbleSort: function...,
  geometry: {
    bezierCurve: function...,
  graph: {
    breadthFirstSearch: function...,
  math: {
    fibonacciNumber: function...,
  string: {
    areAnagrams: function...,

it contains all the algorithms available in the library.


To run the tests yourself you'll need to download the project and install its node module dependencies via yarn or npm. So, if you haven't already installed Node.js and npm or yarn for use on your command line hop over to the NVM repository to get setup with the Node.js version you'd like to work with. Once you have Node.js and npm installed, clone the project onto your computer using the following command in your terminal/command prompt/console:

git clone https://github.com/sumtype/common-algorithms-js.git

(Just in case you haven't already installed Git, do so by following the installation instructions here, then enter the previous command again once it's installed.) Once you've downloaded the project use the following command to navigate to the project's root directory:

cd common-algorithms-js

Next, install the project's node module dependencies from npm or yarn. Do so by entering this command:

npm i

or this command:


Once all the dependencies are installed you'll be ready to run the tests. Enter the following command to run them:

npm test


yarn test

When running npm test or yarn test all the algorithms, tests, and "./es5.js" file are transpiled based on their corresponding ES6+ files. This way when running your tests not only are your ES6+ algorithms tested in an ES6+ context, but your transpiled ES5 algorithms are tested in transpiled ES5 test contexts. Since modules in tests are loaded via "./es.js" or the transpiled "./es5.js" file the export files themselves are tested too. In addition, standard is run to ensure all ES6+/ES5 code is style compliant and the test breaks if there are issues.

This repository uses Travis-CI for deployment testing on Node.js versions 8.9.x and 9.4.x. Test coverage is reported by Coveralls. Test reports are generated by nyc.

Transpiling ES5 Algorithms

You can also transpile the ES5 versions of tests and algorithms manually. To do so, run:

npm run transpile-es5


yarn transpile-es5


npm i common-algorithms-js

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