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CPI Test Template

Drag and drop CPI Test Game Template

  • Drag & Drop Game Controller with complete game loop
  • Drag & Drop UI Canvas
  • Player Progress and Facebook calls for CPI Testing are built in
  • API for handling GameConfig caching to prevent those annoying errors
    because remote variables were updated where they should not have

How to use

Right Click -> Game Controller to create GameController and
Right Click -> CPI UI Canvas to create UI Canvas.

This creates 2 GameObjects named Game and UICanvas on the scene, all you need to do is
drag and drop your levels into the level controller's level list and hit play!

IMPORTANT: If you have game config and want to use the caching feature, you need to
create a custom class that inherits from GameController and implement IHasConfig interface
in it. Caching the config in a container in IHasConfig.FetchConfig will guarantee that
game config is cached at safe points of the game loop.

Gameplay Considerations

Anything in your levels need to auto initialize themselves. Basicly, LevelBehaviour or such classes
residing on your levels need to handle initialization/disposal in OnEnable() / OnDisable()
or Awake() / OnDestroy() methods.

In short, if your levels work by drag & dropping into you scene and hitting play, they will work
when loaded by the framework.

Adding Confetti

This framework already has a built in game over confetti behaviour named ConfettiBehaviour
with an existing prefab. Just Right Click -> Game Over Confetti to create the existing confetti
prefab in the scene.

IMPORTANT Make sure the confetti is in your level prefab, not the scene itself!

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