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🐌 Spellcheck your CodeMirror editor in style with the dictionary of your choice

Play with a live demo.


Browser inclusion - Include lib/codemirror-typo.min.js into your head:

<script src='codemirror-typo.min.js'></script>

This is a minified version of codemirror-typo, bundled using browserify.

Working in Node - Install it as a dependency:

$ npm install --save codemirror-typo


Locate a Hunspell dictionary you'd like to use. You'll need a *.aff and *.dic for your spellcheck language. Below, there is more dictionary information, and a list of where to get dictionaries.

Load lib/codemirror-typo.min.css into your head:

<style rel='stylesheet' href='codemirror-typo.min.css'></style>

Register codeMirrorTypo:

In Node, require it:

var codeMirrorTypo = require('codemirror-typo');

In the browser, it is registered through adding the lib/codemirror.min.js script.

Now just plug and play!

var cm = CodeMirror(document.body); // your CodeMirror instance
codeMirrorTypo(cm, lang[, options]);
  • cm - CodeMirorr instance to overlay spellchecker
  • lang - string - dictionary language
  • options - string or object - optional, either a string path to dictionary files or an options object

There are now red highlighted overlays on words not recognized by the dictionary. Upon focus, gutter marks provide a menu of suggestions of close matches from dictionary for easy fixing.


codemirror-typo uses typo-js that makes use of Hunspell dictionaries, a popular open-source dictionary framework used by Firefox, Google Chrome, LibreOffice and more. These consist of a *.dic file of words and a *.aff of various spelling rules.

See below for a list of Hunspell dictionary repos for downloading aff and dic files.

Options Parameters

Dictionary Path Options

No Path: Passing just lang looks for dictionary/lang/lang.aff & dictionary/lang/lang.dic:

codeMirrorTypo(cm, 'en_US'); // for files in dictionary/en_US/

Note that this is a relative path.

String Path: Passing lang and a path string looks for path/lang.aff, path/lang.dic:

codeMirrorTypo(cm, 'en_US', 'path/to/dictionary');

The path can be relative, absolute, or an external web address:

codeMirrorTypo(cm, 'German', 'https://cdn.rawgit.com/titoBouzout/Dictionaries/master/');

Options Object Parameters

codemirror-typo follows this schema when looking for dictionary files:

dictPath/dictFolder/[affFile.aff, arrFile.dic]


  dictPath: 'dictionary/' + lang,          // replaced by options parameter if string
  dictFolder: '',                           // optional subdirectory of dictPath
  filename: '',                             // name of both aff and dic file
  affFile: lang,                            // name of aff file, overrides filename
  dicFile: lang,                            // name of dic file, overrides filename
  typoClass: 'typo',                         // CSS class applied to all spelling errors,
                                            // will be prefixed with 'cm-'
  typoCSS: 'background: rgba(255,0,0,.25)'  // CSS applied to typoClass
  gutterClass: 'typoFlags',                 // CSS class and name of CodeMirror gutter
  gutterMarkClass: 'typoMark'               // CSS class of gutter markers

Note that dictPath may be an absolute or relative directory path, or a web address, with or without a trailing /.

Dictionary Repos

Known Problems

The gutter markers and spelling suggestions are very much in beta. They're functional but definitely need improvement. Suggestions, issues & PR's welcome!

  • Long load time for spelling suggestion menu, especially if word is not in dictionary. The menu should render as it's generated, but it is waiting until the whole element exists before rendering it...
  • Gutter marks: they don't load in as soon as the CodeMirror instance does, and they don't work on lines currently being written.


  • dictionary path configuration options
  • gutter mark typos
  • context menu spelling suggestions
  • make and host a demo
  • better browser compatibility
  • general code cleanup
  • cache an ignore word list aka "Add to dictionary"
  • add devTool for auto-downloading dictionaries


MIT © Robert Pirtle


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