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    CLTI stands for (C)ommand(L)ine(T)itanium(I)ntertace, and was originally a fork of Titanium, but after changing a lot of stuff, it cannot be considered a fork anymore. Now it's just a wrapper for Titanium's SDK python scripts.


    • My priority is make this work for iOS, so the start focus is on it.
    • I'm on a Mac (running ML), so I guess it won't run in Windows / Linux / maybe OS X < 10.8.


    NPM node package manager is required! Then:

    [sudo] npm install clti -g

    It's also possible to install CLTI clonning this repo and just linking it:

    git clone
    cd clti
    [sudo] npm link


    [sudo] npm uninstall clti -g


    // CONFIG
    // First of all you must configure CLTI, telling where is Titanium and which is the default SDK.
    clti config --ti=/Library/Application Support/Titanium --sdk=2.1.2.GA
    // HELP
    // You MUST be in a Ti project root directory
    // RUN
    // In order to speed up testing, don't quit the simulator, just CTRL+C in Terminal will quit the app :)
    clti run --ios --sim=iphone
    // iphone retina
    clti run --ios --sim=iphone4
    // iphone 5
    clti run --ios --sim=iphone5
    // iPad/iPad2
    clti run --ios --sim=ipad
    // iPad retina
    clti run --ios --sim=ipad3
    // running as universal app (could require rebuild)
    clti run --ios --universal
    // and ipad only
    clti run --ios --ipad
    // running simulator with iOS 6, when app is build against 5.1 (could require rebuild)
    clti run --ios --sdk=5.1 --sdksim=6.0
    // forcing rebuild
    clti run --ios --iphone -f
    // DEPLOY
    clti deploy --ios
    // universal
    clti deploy --ios --universal
    // ipad-only app
    clti deploy --ios --ipad
    // debug configuration
    clti deploy --ios --debug
    // PACKAGE
    // CLTI prompts asking you to choose an identity and a mobile certificate :)
    clti package --ios 
    // universal
    clti package --ios --universal
    // ipad-only
    clti package --ios --ipad
    // BYPASS (use Titanium SDK Python scripts:
    // (e.g. Run the project in the simulator)
    clti py run --platform=iphone


    This project is open source and provided under the Apache Public License (version 2). Please make sure you see the LICENSE file included in this distribution for more details on the license. Also, please take notice of the privacy notice at the end of the file.

    (C) Copyright 2012, Inc. All Rights Reserved.




    npm i clti

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    Apache Public License v2

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