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data storage service with RESTful APIs.

clannad みんな みんな あわせで ひゃくにんかぞく

Intention & achieved

You will get data you needed, without back-end develop, just APIs.

How it works

how it works


install mongodb first.

$ npm install clannad --save
import clannad from 'clannad';

clannad.configDB((mongoose) => {
  // connection with mongodb

clannad.auth(async (ctx, authArr) => {
  // return authArr by your auth system, or return itself while don't need auth system
  // each authcode is like '${PREFIX}.${PROJECTNAME}.${ROLENAME}'
  // rolename enum as 'master', 'root', 'admin', 'user'
  return await check(ctx, authArr);
}, 'REST'); // prefix for each authcode, default 'REST'

// config for export/import DB format/source
// fields and default value
  db: 'clannad',
  host: '',
  port: 27017,
  user: '',
  password: '',
  out: '' // export filename

// router interface
// These routers are occupied and shouldn't be rewritten.
// /admin, /admin/**, /*/**
clannad.router['get, post...']((ctx) => {
  // dealing mongoose model with ctx.req.model
  // support multipart/* after version 0.4.15

clannad.app.use(...) // clannad's koa app
clannad.app.listen(3000, () => {
  process.stderr.write(`Server running at http://localhost:3000\n`);

About Auth


could use APIs about own project (admin.projects)

  • project's CORS configure with every role (field domains).

project's table (admin.tables)

  • table's availability with each role (field adminAuth, userAuth and visitorAuth).

and table's field (admin.fields)

  • field's visibility with each role (field show).

admin admin and root could use APIs about ${projectName}.${tableName} configured by root, depend on config 'adminAuth' in admin.table.

user could use APIs about ${projectName}.${tableName} configured by root, depend on config 'userAuth' in admin.table.

visitor could use APIs about ${projectName}.${tableName} configured by root, depend on config 'visitorAuth' in admin.table.

token while a request header own field 'X-Token', and it's value exist in that admin.project.tokens, that request will be regarded as a user's request.


about all API's route, view routes.js

about all table field's detail, view DB docs

General possible error results

400 Bad Request

401 Unauthorized

403 forbidden

404 Not found

405 Method Not Allowed

5xx ...

General query params

For list or detail interface

populate a JSON about you want to populate, such as {"path": "field1","select": "name",populete:{"path":...}}

select a JSON about you want to select, such as ["field1","field2",...]

params is data about criterial:

  • a JSON, such as {"field1":{"$gte":21},"field2":"duang",...}
  • or you can use queryString, such as field1=xxx&field2=xxx&...

disabled while query by id

limit default 30

offset default 0

sort use which field to sort, default createAt

asc default sort is -${sort}, use asc=1 to make sort be ${sort}

For aggregate interface

support params, as above.

group a JSON about $group operator to this aggregate pipeline, such as {"_id":"$field1","num":{"$sum":1}}

sort a JSON about sorts all input documents, such as {"field1": -1, "field2": 1}

General result field





list: request (GET) /:projectName/:tablename response [{_id: ...}, ...]

count: request (GET) /:projectName/:tablename/count response {count: ...}

aggregate: request (GET) /:projectName/:tablename/aggregate response {_id: ...}

detail: request (GET) /:projectName/:tablename/detail response {_id: ...}

auth: request (GET) /:projectName/_auth response response {auth: ...}.(0 for visitor, 1 for user, 2 for root, 3 for master)

export/import DB format/source

(GET) admin/:tableName/_export/:fileName then you'll get a export ${fileName}.tar.gz file.

param needSource decided export all source or only format.

(POST) admin/:tableName/_import with form-data and any fieldName with your _export.tar.gz file, and data will be imported after that.

Develop & Test

$ make dev
$ cd test && make source


npm i clannad

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