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5.2.0 • Public • Published

Chromatic CLI

Publishes your Storybook to Chromatic and kicks off tests if they're enabled.

Tested with Chromatic


👉 See the Chromatic CLI docs.


Contributions of any kind are welcome! We're available to chat via the Intercom widget on the documentation site.

Compatibility & versioning

Compatibility is guaranteed between this package and Chromatic like so:

  • Production Chromatic ensures it’s compatible with what’s on npm
  • What's on the master branch is equal to what's published on npm
  • This package ensures it’s compatible with production Chromatic

To facilitate upgrading in the future, removing and adding features, this is the process:

  • Any new features will have to be on Chromatic production before they could be used in this package
  • We can add feature flags to be able to test new functionality
  • Chromatic production can not remove any features this package depends on until after the usage has been removed from this package in addition to a grace period to allow users to upgrade

Publishing a new version to npm

Before publishing, make sure you've done the following:

  • yarn build
  • Updated
  • Committed and pushed everything
  • Decide on the proper semver bump (major/minor/patch)
npm version <major|minor|patch|prerelease> [--preid <tag>]
git push --follow-tags
npm publish [--tag <tag>]

Doing an alpha (or beta) release

For the first alpha release, bump the version like so (depending on the semver bump):

npm version <premajor|preminor|prepatch> --preid alpha

For consecutive alpha releases on the same version:

npm version prerelease --preid=alpha

Then push and publish:

git push --follow-tags
npm publish --tag alpha

Doing a final release

npm version <major|minor|patch>
git push --follow-tags
npm publish

And finally, remove the alpha tag, if any:

npm dist-tag rm chromatic alpha




npm i chromatic

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