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    STATUS: Added campaigns methods see WIKI

    Simple Promise based Mailchimp v3 wrapper for Node.js

    All methods return a Promise.

    npm install --save chimp-wrapper

    Basic methods calls

    Insert API path only without protocol/domainname, the full url will be geneted from you API key (EG: /lists)

    you can use relative or absolute path it will be generated as a absolute anyway

    var ChimpWrapper = require('chimp-wrapper');
    const CW = new ChimpWrapper(yourApiKeyString);
    CW.get (PATH); (PATH, body);
    CW.put/patch (PATH, body);
    CW.delete (PATH);

    Query Builder Methods

    See WIKI


    there are tests suites in test/ before testing rename .env-sample.json to .env.json and edit the API_KEY inside to match the one for you testing account. all the created element gets deleted after tests. Also TEST_MAIL for mail testing, and LIST_ID used in campaings testing where you can use your dummy list if you need to test.

    npm test

    Client-side support

    Builded a version for client but seems like the new api doesn't accept apiKey calls, I'll give it a look in the future or make a separate repo for the client version with OAuth.


    npm i chimp-wrapper

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