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Chalk Image Converter

Important note!: The format of the options available for chalk-image has changed (they're actually easier now! You're welcome). Please make sure you read the new options format if your app breaks!


Convert your images into console-code with Chalk!



Kurt Cobain


ci.drawImg('somePicture.jpg',{}) Kurt Cobain, drawn in classic mode

Full Color Output

ci.drawImg('somePicture.jpg',{colMode:'16m'}) Kurt Cobain, drawn in full color mode


Just include your chalk-image: const ci = require('chalk-image');

Then draw!: ci.drawImg('path/to/my/img.jpg');

Or export a promise!: ci.drawImage('path/to/my/img.jpg',{exportMe:true}).then(...//do magic) Works best with BMPs and JP(E)Gs!


There are a number of options available. These are passed to .drawImg() as a secondary optional options object. The properties of this object are as follows:

  • exportMe: Default false. If true, .drawImg() will return a .thenable promise. Otherwise, .drawImg() will simply draw the image when it's finished mathing it. NOTE: Even without a promise, .drawImg(), will not simply return the image string (so don't try doing const myImage = chalkImage.drawImg('somefile). It won't work). This is because the drawing process involves some asynchronous wizardry.
  • verbose: Default false. If true, you'll get some extra info about the image (and console) dimensions. Useful if you wanna debug stuff.
  • colMode: Default no value. If set to 16 or 16m, will draw in 16-million color mode. If set to 256, will draw in 256-color mode. Otherwise, It'll draw in good-old-fashioned 16 color mode.


Go ahead and cd into the 'tests' folder. I've stuck a separate readme in there too, just to make things nice and easy.


  1. Does not currently work with animated GIFs. This for a number of reasons. Firstly, GIFs are not necessarily stored in individual, separate frames. If part of an animated GIF doesn't change, that part may not necessarily be 'part' of each new frame. Second, the amount of data for animated gifs is actually rather huge (a 100x100, 3 second GIF, with 256 colors at 30FPS, is potentially 2.3 billion separate numbers)! Finally, while there are methods to clear individual pixels in the console, none of them are terribly quick or efficient.
  2. There's a bit of an issue with certain combinations of image dimensions and console dimensions, where the resulting image 'rows' end up overflowing. This in turn results in heavily distorted images. If you can help fix it, feel free to submit a pull request. Nevermind, this should be fixed!
  3. Full color should work on all systems. However, until recently, Windows systems (or ChalkJS?) didn't support color. Be warned that YMMV.
  4. Why Kurt Cobain? Because I searched for "high-contrast image" in Google, and that was the first picture that came up. So there.



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