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Cavalry is a way to get git repositories onto machines, then run the code in them. It's heavily inspired by fleet and propagit.

Cavalry is designed to work in conjuction with Field Marshal

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Cavalry expects nginx to be present on the system. Ports:

  • 3000 will need to be accessible by the master.
  • 7005 is where nginx is listening
  • 8000-9000 Web accessible services, if they ask, will be assigned ports between 8000 and 9000.

It's in npm, so just: npm install -g cavalry

Running it

Configuration paramaters are passed in via environment variables. eg:

SLAVEID=us-1 MASTERHOST=localhost MASTERPASS=masterpassword SECRET=password node index.js

If they're not present, a default will be substituted.

  • SLAVEID is the identifier for the machine
  • MASTERHOST is the fqdn/ip where the master can be found
  • MASTERPASS is the password used to authenticate with the master
  • SECRET is the password the master will use to authenticate with this slave


npm i cavalry

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