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    BrowserSync (with updated

    Keep multiple browsers & devices in sync when building websites.

    BrowserSync is developed and maintained internally at JH

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    The original project is currently breaking on Windows due to references in the various projects back to old versions of ws. I forked the projects, updated the references to use latest ws and pointed this forked browser-sync at the updated and it works for me again on Windows. This has been an open issue for a while and doesn't seem to be getting much attention.


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    npm install -g browser-sync-x


    npm install --save browser-sync-x


    Please visit for a full run-down of features


    BrowserSync works by injecting an asynchronous script tag (<script async>...</script>) right after the <body> tag during initial request. In order for this to work properly the <body> tag must be present. Alternatively you can provide a custom rule for the snippet using snippetOptions

    Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x ?

    Providing you havn't accessed any internal properties, everything will just work as there are no breaking changes to the public API. Internally however, we now use an immutable data structure for storing/retrieving options. So whereas before you could access urls like this...

    browserSync({server: true}, function(err, bs) {

    ... you now access them in the following way:

    browserSync({server: true}, function(err, bs) {
        console.log(bs.options.getIn(["urls", "local"]));

    Install and trouble shooting docs

    Integrations / recipes

    BrowserSync recipes


    If you've found Browser-sync useful and would like to contribute to its continued development & support, please feel free to send a donation of any size - it would be greatly appreciated!

    Support via Gittip Support via PayPal


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    Apache 2 Copyright (c) 2015 Shane Osbourne


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