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Brace Document Navlink


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Brace Document Navlink help pages


  • A fully asynchronous and idempotent API
  • Uses AMD (asynchronous module definition), syntax
  • Well commented, thoroughly unit tested and professional engineered scripting
  • Tested with Linux and Windows environments

What this plugin does

This program provides plugin functionality for Brace Document which injects navigation links into markdown pages using a two line denotation formula. Documents are collected from a directory within the project and a set of navigation link urls are injected which reference the relative location of the documents. The link urls are fully qualified to allow access from locations other than github.com.

The document pages you are reading were processed with Brace document navlink too.

A scripts entry in the package.json file runs the appropriate command to process these docs. Simply use npm run make_docs -- -v to re-generate these documents after a alteration was made to the docs_raw directory.

Below is an example of a markdown page before and after processing with the Brace document navlink plugin.

Before using the Brace document navlink plugin a markdown page would look like this:

## The main page
Some text about the project here

After processing a projects docuemnts with the Brace Document Navlink plugin the navigation links would be added to the pages like below:

## The main page
### Document pages
Some text about the project here


npm i brace_document_navlink

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