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Bodymovin web-component library

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This is a collection of Web Components to add animations to your website using AfterEffect's BodyMovin plugin. Under the hood it uses Airbnb's Lottie javascript library. You can download lottie animations from LottieFiles.


Check out the Documentation and Styleguide for more info and to see them in action.

Lottie animation

Insert a lottie animation just by specifying a source location, and a couple of options. Control you animations through the rich public interface.

<lottie-animation src="[PATH/TO/DATA/JSON]" loop="false" autoplay="true" />

Lottie scroll animation

Insert a lottie animation and let it play when it comes to the viewport. Use the 2 available modes to play through the animation or seek into it as the scroll position changes. Read more here.

<lottie-scroll src="[PATH/TO/DATA/JSON]" playthrough="false" speed="1" />

Installation and Usage

Script tag

  • Put a script tag similar to this <script src=''></script> in the head of your index.html
  • Then you can use the element anywhere in your template, JSX, html etc

Node Modules

  • Run npm install bodymovin-web-components --save
  • Put a script tag similar to this <script src='node_modules/bodymovin-web-components/dist/bodymovin-web-components.js'></script> in the head of your index.html
  • Then you can use the element anywhere in your template, JSX, html etc

In a stencil-starter app

  • Run npm install bodymovin-web-components --save
  • Add an import to the npm packages import 'bodymovin-web-components';
  • Then you can use the element anywhere in your template, JSX, html etc

Other framework integrations

Built using Stencil

Stencil is a compiler for building fast web apps using Web Components.

Stencil combines the best concepts of the most popular frontend frameworks into a compile-time rather than run-time tool. Stencil takes TypeScript, JSX, a tiny virtual DOM layer, efficient one-way data binding, an asynchronous rendering pipeline (similar to React Fiber), and lazy-loading out of the box, and generates 100% standards-based Web Components that run in any browser supporting the Custom Elements v1 spec.

Stencil components are just Web Components, so they work in any major framework or with no framework at all.


Clone this repo to a new directory:

git clone bodymovin-web-components
cd my-component

and run:

npm install
npm start

To build the component for production, run:

npm run build

To run the unit tests for the components, run:

npm test

Tests are written using Jest

To lint your ts files, and styles run

npm lint

The tslint follows the Ionic tslint rules, while the stylelint follows the Airbnb ones.

Both the linting and the tests has to pass to be able to commit your changes!

Documentation and Styleguide

The documentation is built using Fractal and nunjucks. The documentation displays the readme files generated by Stencil. Every component needs to have a fractal preview in the styleguide as well.


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