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    This package has been deprecated

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    This package is no longer maintained.


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    Body Labs JavaScript style, using JSCS and eslint.


    This repository adopts the versioning strategy of JSCS:

    We recommend installing JSCS and eslint via NPM using ^, or ~ if you want more stable releases.

    Semver (http://semver.org/) dictates that breaking changes be major version bumps. In the context of a linting tool, a bug fix that causes more errors to be reported can be interpreted as a breaking change. However, that would require major version bumps to occur more often than can be desirable. Therefore, as a compromise, we will only release bug fixes that cause more errors to be reported in minor versions.

    Below you fill find our versioning strategy, and what you can expect to come out of a new JSCS release.

    • Patch release:
      • A bug fix in a rule that causes JSCS to report less errors.
      • Docs, refactoring and other "invisible" changes for user;
    • Minor release:
      • Any preset changes.
      • A bug fix in a rule that causes JSCS to report more errors.
      • New rules or new options for existing rules that don't change existing behavior.
      • Modifying rules so they report less errors, and don't cause build failures.
    • Major release:
      • Purposefully modifying existing rules so that they report more errors or change the meaning of a rule.
      • Any architectural changes that could cause builds to fail.




    npm i bodylabs-javascript-style

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