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    blocke is a command-line tool to query the blockchain for a variety of cryptocurrencies. View blocks, transactions, accounts (where applicable), and network information. Currently supports:

    • AEON
    • BCH
    • BCN
    • BTC
    • DASH
    • DCR
    • DGB
    • DOGE
    • ETH
    • GAME
    • KMD
    • LSK
    • LTC
    • RDD
    • SC
    • SIGT
    • VTC
    • WAVES
    • XDN
    • XMR
    • ZEC

    With more on the way.


    $ npm install -g blocke


    See blocke help and blocke help <command> (or the shorter blocke <command>) to view more information and instructions, as well as examples:

    $ blocke help
    $ blocke help btc
    $ blocke btc

    Run blocke <command> <value> to automatically search for the right type of <value>:

    $ blocke btc 1JCe8z4jJVNXSjohjM4i9Hh813dLCNx2Sy
    $ blocke ltc LdP8Qox1VAhCzLJNqrr74YovaWYyNBUWvL
    $ blocke xmr a886ef5149902d8342475fee9bb296341b891ac67c4842f47a833f23c00ed721

    Run blocke <command> <option> <value> to explicitly specify the type of value to retrieve:

    $ blocke btc -a 1JCe8z4jJVNXSjohjM4i9Hh813dLCNx2Sy
    $ blocke btc --account 1JCe8z4jJVNXSjohjM4i9Hh813dLCNx2Sy
    $ blocke ltc -t bc6a355ec34194e43a590e86386a771af15c1eb88cc5ce614920a76e36388fe1
    $ blocke ltc --transaction bc6a355ec34194e43a590e86386a771af15c1eb88cc5ce614920a76e36388fe1
    $ blocke xmr -b a886ef5149902d8342475fee9bb296341b891ac67c4842f47a833f23c00ed721
    $ blocke xmr --block a886ef5149902d8342475fee9bb296341b891ac67c4842f47a833f23c00ed721

    Run blocke <command> -n to view network information:

    $ blocke eth -n
    $ blocke eth --network

    Multiple option values can be specified by separating them with a single space:

    $ blocke doge -a DFQc4NVAK7GvFQsHNciE8rcBw6t5ZQ3gdC A2ZA6JHq69WhKB3QxeUHDPokQT2iubUXLB -b 1687655 c151a40f121a4f0ee0078e0268563c8299ad12652f939d9c6880aab9a93c1969 -t 9f2ea5f34d3544ba9abad98251914e9408ba29272c35b6eaaa3abd2c00785a08 6363b3250152e02d80a4ab8faa7b7bae3f731b63417df782ac07dcdf9df0dde1
    $ blocke sc -b 115300 102955 0000000000000028ecc091235afb82bd9aca66ebf175137336191ec1d28be993
    $ blocke vtc -a VpXm5mcPfjZLuPuK45X69G7UfMPbCkwq2A VaqJQEU6DNFT6psST2yv39HmjHvSuixoyk -t 8f5de2a5417169e89d4104984a7c6e6d520d2ab467c963e18b543bfc6a52786c
    $ blocke zec -n -b 150000 -a t3K4aLYagSSBySdrfAGGeUd5H9z5Qvz88t2

    Many of the services used limit the number of requests allowed in a certain time period. While blocke will never throttle requests, be careful not to request too many values too quickly so as not to get temporarily IP banned.


    npm i blocke

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