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    Bi-cycle assists in making infinite carousels and sliders by handling the index logic for you.

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    npm: npm i bi-cycle

    Source: SketchedOut

    Getting Started

    Bi-cycle uses generators and provides an interface to modify the immutable index.

    Note: Bi-cycle is more a proof of concept for not mutating values using generators, however you're more than welcome to use it in production.

    import Bicycle from 'bi-cycle';
    // ...
    const { next, previous } = Bicycle({ start: 0, max: 5, infinite: true });
    nextButton.addEventListener('click', next);
    previousButton.addEventListener('click', previous);

    There are handful of functions which can be destructured for modifying the state:

    • next Moves either to the next index, or to min if at max;
    • previous Moves either to the previous index, or to max if at min;
    • first Moves to min;
    • last Moves to max – by default Infinity;
    • set(n) Sets slide denoted by n otherwise min or max if out of range;

    You may also pass in additional parameters to Bicycle in order to override the defaults:

    • start Determines the initial index value – default is min;
    • min Determines the first index &ndash default is -Infinity;
    • max Determines the last index &ndash default is Infinity;
    • infinite Determines the action of Bi-cycle when the index is our of range – default true;

    Unique ID

    Another use for Bi-cycle is a slightly over-elaborate unique ID generator – each and every time you invoke next a unique number is returned.

    import Bicycle from 'bi-cycle';
    const { next } = Bicycle();
    const createModel = name => {
        return { id: next(), name };
    createModel('Adam'); // { id: 1, name: 'Adam' }
    createModel('Maria'); // { id: 2, name: 'Maria' }
    createModel('Igba'); // { id: 3, name: 'Igba' }


    Released under the MIT license.


    npm i bi-cycle

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