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Adds basis.config support for basisjs-tools commands.


Module provide single function that extends clap command with basis.config support.

var clap = require('clap');
var configSupport = require('basisjs-tools-config');
var command = clap.create('example');
// extend command
// or

It adds two options to command:

  • -n, --no-config – to prevent config using
  • -c, --config-file <filename> - to specify path to config file

Also it adds getConfig(options) method to command that search and fetch config content if needed and globalConfig property to get global config content.

getConfig(options) usualy uses in command's init method and could accepts command options to decide is config should be fetched or not.

// this call will search and fetch config content
var config = command.getConfig();
// but this call doesn't
var config = command.getConfig({ config: false });
// specify config location
var config = command.getConfig({ config: 'path/to/my.config' });

If config file doesn't found or could be parsed error outputs in console and exit process.

Searching for config file

Extended command tries to find and use basis.config file by default. It attempts to find basis.config at the current working directory. If it's not found, then it moves to the parent directory, and so on, until the file system root is reached.

Besides basis.config module also check for package.json. Config may be stored with basisjsConfig key. If no basisjsConfig found then package.json ignores and searching is continue.


If basis.config found, it's content parses as json. Usualy properties treats as corresponding command options, and could be overridden by options in command line.

Any command's option could be declared in config, as it's long name. All option names should be camelize, i.e. --css-pack becomes cssPack. If flag contains -no-, it should be omited, i.e. --no-color becomes color.

You can disable basis.config usage by --no-config option or specify your own file with -c or --config-file option.

Config file useful to set up command's defaults option values.

Example of basis.config at /path/to/config:

  "build": {
    "file": "app.html",
    "output": "build"
  "server": {
    "port": 8123

Config also can be stored in package.json:

  "basisjsConfig": {
    "build": {
      "file": "app.html",
      "output": "build"
    "server": {
      "port": 8123

basis.config has higher priority. Config in package.json ignores if basis.config file exists.

In both cases doesn't matter at what directory you run basis build command, for example. File /path/to/config/app.html will be used for built and result will be put at /path/to/config/output directory. But you still able to override settings in config but using option with command, for example, if you run basis build -o temp at /path/to/config/foo/bar than result will be put at /path/to/config/foo/bar/temp.

Relative path resolving

Basis works with many various paths, and often it is relative paths. There are two general rules for relative path resolving.

  • path defined in config file (basis.config) resolves to config file location
  • path defined in command line resolves to current working directory




npm i basisjs-tools-config

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