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    Development tool set for apps built on basis.js framework.

    Getting Started


    > npm install basisjs-tools

    Or install it globally (prefered):

    > npm install -g basisjs-tools

    After that basis command should be available in command line.


    basisjs-tools tries to find and use basis.config file by default. This file should contains base settings for commands. For more details see basisjs-tools-config readme.


    Commands provided:

    • completion – output completion script for *nix systems
    • config [name] [value] – global configuration
    • create – code generator
    • server – launch dev-server
    • build [fileOrPreset] – make a build of app
    • extract [file] – extract app profile
    • find <reference> – resolve filename by reference
    • lint [fileOrPreset] – lint source code and output report


    Completion command that is based on, and works similarly to the npm completion. It is not available for Windows users.

    This command will output a Bash / ZSH script to put into your ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile, or ~/.zshrc file.

    > basis completion >> ~/.bash_profile
    > source ~/.bash_profile


    With config command you could set some setting. Those settings are primary user preference but not a project settings, and always override by options if any.

    At this moment only setting are supported – editor. This setting sets command to open some filename in editor. For example, you could set Sublime Text as editor to open files in:

    // command `subl` is available in console
    > basis config editor subl
    // if not, you could specify absolute path to `Sublime Text` on `Mac OS`
    > basis config editor '/Applications/Sublime\ Text.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl'

    If command run without arguments all current settings are listing.


    create command helps generate code. As example, to create default application file structure, run command:

    > basis create app myapp

    Command creating directory myapp and other directories and files by default app template.


    server command launch lightweight http development server:

    > basis server

    By default current folder becomes server root (you can change it using --base option). You also can set listening port with --port option on command run or define it in config (useful when launch several servers). By default server listen port 8000.

    > basis server -p 8123
    Server run at http://localhost:8123

    Server caches files you access to and inject it into html page (via window.__resources__). This approach speeds up page loading with many files.

    Also it watches for files changes and send new file content to client if neccessary (using socket.io and basis.js infrastructure). When you use this server you usually don't need to refresh page when you change .tmpl, .css, .json or .l10n files.


    This command makes a build of your app:

    > basis build

    Builder search for index.html file (but use could use --file option to specify file or define it in config) and use it as start point. It scan file contents and search for linked files, processing it and put result in build folder (could be changed by --output option). As a result you get all used by application files in one folder.

    Optionally builder may merge, optimize, compress sources etc.

    See more details in basisjs-tools-build repository.


    Actually this command runs as first step of build and lint commands. It collect all useful information about app (app profile) and returns it as json.

    > basis extract

    Most options are the same as build command.

    See more details in basisjs-tools-build repository.


    Output warnings from app profile as report. It supports several formats of output (reporters).

    > basis lint
    Warnings (2):
        * Defined but never used: missed
        * No style rules for: .mistake

    Supported reporters:

    • console (by default) - outputs warnings as plain text list (see example above)
    • checkstyle - report in checkstyle format
    • junit - report in JUnit format

    See more details in basisjs-tools-build repository.


    Resolve file reference to absolute file path. It uses basis.js included by app (if available) with it's config.

    > basis find basis:ui/popup.js

    See more details in basisjs-tools-build repository.


    MIT License.




    npm i basisjs-tools

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