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Pack all frontend assets of a single page app into a single ball.

ballify bundles all assets that are linked into a HTML file and concatenates them into one big ball, yet another HTML file (brotli-compressed by default). It packs scripts (empty ones with no innerText/code), stylesheets, images (jpg, gif, png, svg), and Google Fonts (loaded via a link element). Assets can be read from local or remote sources.

ballify is designed to be used with single page apps that are built with ordinary web technologies and do not require toooo many frontend assets.

Get it!

For programmatic usage do:

npm install --save-dev ballify

Install it globally if you are gonna use the command line interface:

npm install --global ballify



Simply bundle up all assets that are linked into index.html and write that to ball.html.br:

ballify index.html -o ball.html.br

Ballify your single page app and spin up a local devserver @ localhost:419:

ballify index.html --live

You can set all options from the command line. Make sure 2 check out ballify --help.


var ballify = require('ballify')
ballify('index.html', function (err, ball) {
  if (err) return console.error(err)
  console.log(ball) // ball is a buffer

The ball is brotli-compressed by default. Set opts.brotli to false to prevent compression, see below.


ballify(file[, opts], callback)

Ballify a HTML file. The callback has the signature callback(err, ball), with the ball being a buffer. Options default to:

  brotli: true // compress the ball with brotli?
  gzip: false, // gzip the ball?
  base64Images: true, // convert image references to base64 data uris?
  base64GoogleFonts: true, // convert Google Font links to base64 inline fonts?
  minifyCSS: true, // remove unnecessary whitespace from CSS?
  mergeCSS: true, // merge recurring selectors within CSS?
  crunchHTML: true // remove unnecessary whitespace from HTML?

Note that ballify treats opts.brotli and opts.gzip as mutually exclusive, meaning you can either use one or the other but not both.

If opts.base64Images is true image urls are converted to base64 data uris within HTML, CSS, and JS files. Google Fonts are only converted to inline fonts if they are loaded via an ordinary link element.


To keep things simple. To serve all frontend assets in one response.

Go ahead and use ballify if you are into single page apps and ready to ball up!.




npm i ballify

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