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    AWS IoT Device SDK for JavaScript v2

    This document provides information about the AWS IoT device SDK for Javascript V2.

    If you have any issues or feature requests, please file an issue or pull request.

    This SDK is built on the AWS Common Runtime, a collection of libraries (aws-c-common, aws-c-io, aws-c-mqtt, aws-c-http, aws-c-cal ...) written in C to be cross-platform, high-performance, secure, and reliable. The libraries are bound to JS by the awscrt package.

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    Check for minimum Requirements

    • The AWS IoT Device SDK for JavaScript requires Node v10.0 or later.
    node -v

    Install the required libraries

    sudo apt-get install cmake
    sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

    Install the AWS Common Runtime

    npm install aws-crt

    Install the AWS IoT Device SDK

    npm install aws-iot-device-sdk-v2

    Build from source

    npm install

    Mac-Only TLS Behavior

    Please note that on Mac, once a private key is used with a certificate, that certificate-key pair is imported into the Mac Keychain. All subsequent uses of that certificate will use the stored private key and ignore anything passed in programmatically. Beginning in v1.2.4, when a stored private key from the Keychain is used, the following will be logged at the "info" log level:

    static: certificate has an existing certificate-key pair that was previously imported into the Keychain.  Using key from Keychain instead of the one provided.


    Samples README

    Getting Help

    The best way to interact with our team is through GitHub. You can open an issue and choose from one of our templates for guidance, bug reports, or feature requests. You may also find help on community resources such as StackOverFlow with the tag #aws-iot or If you have a support plan with AWS Support, you can also create a new support case.

    Please make sure to check out our resources too before opening an issue:

    Giving Feedback and Contributions

    We need your help in making this SDK great. Please participate in the community and contribute to this effort by submitting issues, participating in discussion forums and submitting pull requests through the following channels.


    This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.



    npm i aws-iot-device-sdk-v2

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