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    Sets a few of the AWS environment variables listed here with credentials from an assumed role. Useful when you need to use Claudia.js to administer AWS resources via a role assumed in one account by a user in an other account.

    To use it, make sure you have a ~/.aws/credentials or ~/.aws/config file on your local machine with your user's credentials in it, download this repo, npm install it, and run the following from the repo root:

    $ node src/main.js arn:aws:iam::[ Some AWS Account ID ]:role/[ some role that exists in that account ] > name-of-bash-script-youll-run-later.sh

    [ Some AWS Account ID ] is the AWS Account ID of the account in which you want to work. ( vis. If you're using Claudia to administer AWS API Gateway settings, this is the ID of the account in which that API will be created. )

    [ some role that exists in that account ] is the role that you will assume in that account.

    Then, source ./name-of-bash-script-youre-running-now.sh in the environment where you want to set your newly acquired, temporary credentials.

    If all goes well, claudia create ... will create resources in the account that belongs to [ Some AWS Account ID ].

    If you start getting expired-token errors, clear your environment variables and run src/main.js again.


    npm i assume-aws-environment-variables

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