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Extract the dimensions of a given SVG image. When no information can be extracted from the viewBox or width and height properties it will be rendered in a headless browser and the Bounding Box will be extracted from the rendered image and returned instead for guaranteed sizing information.


npm install --save asset-dimensions

The module has an optional dependency on puppeteer. This module is used to resolve the viewBox of a given svg asset if there is no viewBox or height/width combination available on the asset.

If these properties are missing on some of your assets you will print a warning and can decide to either manually update them, or install puppeteer and it will automatically extract the correct viewBox from your svg.

npm install --save puppeteer

This dependency is not listed as optionalDependency in the package.json so it needs to be manually installed. The reason for this is so we do not download the headless chrome browser by default when it's not needed for our users.


The module exposes as async function as default interface. This function expects an object as first argument with the following properties:

  • file The path to the svg that we're extracting information from. This will be used in the debug output when we fail to extract the dimensions so you know which file needs manual updating, or why puppeteer is required.
  • source The contents of the file as plain text.
  • tree DOM (cheerio) of the SVG.
import dimensions from 'asset-dimensions';
import { readFileSync } from 'fs';
import { load } from 'cheerio';
import { join } from 'path';
const file = join(__dirname, 'assets', 'file.svg');
const source = readFileSync(file, 'utf-8');
const result = await dimensions({
  tree: load(content, { decodeEntities: false }),

The returned result is an object that will have the following keys:

  • width Width of the asset.
  • height Height of the asset.
  • x y of the asset.
  • y x of the asset.
  • viewBox The viewBox constructed with the height, width, x, y props.




npm i asset-dimensions

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