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Plugin for Artillery.IO that records response data into InfluxDB.

To use:

  1. npm install -g artillery

  2. npm install artillery-plugin-influxdb

  3. Add influxdb Plugin config to your "hello.json" Artillery script

      "config": {
        "plugins": {
            "influxdb": {
                "testName": "my_load_test_case",
                "measurementName": "Latency",
                "errorMeasurementName": "ClientSideErrors",
                "testRunId": "342-233-221",
                "tags": {
                    "environment": "joes-dev-box",
                    "host": "joe-dev.somewhere.org"
                "influx": {
                    "host": "my.influx.server.com",
                    "username": "joe_developer",
                    "password": "1t`sA$3cr3t",
                    "database": "load_test_results"
  4. artillery run hello.json

This will cause every latency to be published to the given InfluxDB instance.

Plug-In Configuration Options

Property Required Default Meaning
testName yes none Name of the test being performed.
measurementName no latency Measurement name used when writing latency to DynamoDB.
errorMeasurementName no clientErrors Errors raised by the Artillery client during the test.
testRunId no UUID Identifier used to associate individual test results with a given test run. If no testRunId property is provided, a UUID is generated for the test run.
tags no none Object map of static name-value pairs containing tags which are written with every measurement.
influx.host yes none Network host name of the InfluxDB to which results should be written. No protocol or port, just the host name.
influx.username yes* none User account to use when logging results.
influx.password yes* none Password to use when logging results.
influx.database yes none Influx Database name into which the results are written.
excludeTestRunId no none Set to true to prevent plugin from generating/logging testRunId UUID's automatically.
matches no none Send data regarding matches to InfluxDB with column name "matches"

*see notes on using environment variables for these values below.

Using environment variables to store credentials

The environment variables INFLUX_USERNAME and INFLUX_PASSWORD may be set instead of passing 'username' and/or 'password' properties in the config file.

For more information, see:



npm i artillery-plugin-influxdb

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