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An overlay React Menu with a collection of effects and styles using CSS transitions.

Demo & examples

Live demo: here


The easiest way to use animated-burger-menu is to install it from npm and include it in your own React build process (using Browserify, Webpack, etc).

npm install animated-burger-menu


Items for the sidebar should be passed as child elements of the component using JSX.

import  BurgerMenu  from  'animated-burger-menu'

function  App() {
return (
    <a href="/">about</a>
    <button data-href="#contact">contact</button>


Name Type Default Description
children node Can accept any tag.
classes object Override or extend the styles applied to the component. See CSS API below for more details.
onEnter func Callback fired before the Menu enters.
onEntered func Callback fired when the Menu has entered.
onEntering func Callback fired when the Menu is entering.
onExit func Callback fired before the Menu exits.
onExited func Callback fired when the Menu has exited.
onExiting func Callback fired when the Menu is exiting.
onMenuItemClick func Callback fired when menu item was clicked. Returns item data
isOpen boolean false If true, the menu is visible.
transitionDuration object 0.4s Duration of button transition. <BurgerMenu transitionDuration={'0.3s'}> or <BurgerMenu transitionDuration={'500ms'}>
height* object 27px Pass the height of the menu icon in px or pass auto to get the wrapper height. <BurgerMenu height={50}> or <BurgerMenu height={'auto'}>.
width* object 35px Pass the width of the menu icon in px or pass auto to get the wrapper width. <BurgerMenu width={50}> or <BurgerMenu width={'auto'}>.
buttonBorder boolean false Add border to button. Style: solid 1px.
menuAnimation text slideLeft Menu animation type. Available: slideLeft or fallDown .
menuBarTop number top : button height Adjust menu top position. <BurgerMenu menuBarTop={50}>

*height/width - The menu size is regulated only by one measurement height orwidth. If you pass the both props to the component the height prop will win.


		      buttonContainer:  "my_buttonContainer_className",
		      line: "my_line_className",
		      menuContainer: "my_menuContainer_className",
		      menuUl : "my_menuUl_className",
		      menuLi : "my_menuLi_className"


npm i animated-burger-menu

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