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    angular-metergauge(speedometer gauge)

    An angular JS directive for meter/speedometer gauge visualization with real time update.



    • D3.js v4.2.2
    • AngularJS v1.0.1+

    Getting started

    You will need to include angular JS and 'D3 JS' in your project to make the directive work

    <script src="//"></script>
    <script src=""></script>

    Include angular-metergauge module script with above incuded scripts script on your page. You can copy the angular-metergauge.min.js from build folder of repo and add it in your script folder

    <script src="./script/angular-metergauge.min.js"></script>

    Add angular-metergauge to your app module's dependency.

    angular.module('myApp', ['meterGauge']);

    Install with npm

    $ npm install angular-metergauge 


    Option Description
    gaugeRadius Sets the size of gauge circle.
    minVal Minimum value to be shown in gauge scale.
    maxVal Maximum value to be shown in gauge scale.
    needleVal Sets the value of needle to be pointed.
    tickSpaceMinVal space between the major ticks of the gauge.
    tickSpaceMajVal space between the sub ticks of the gauge.
    divID sets an id for svg where gauge will be rendered (Optional).
    gaugeUnits Unit of the values to be shown(ex. Kmph,%).
    tickColMaj sets colour of the major tick.
    tickColMin sets colour of the sub tick.
    outerEdgeCol sets the colour of outer circle of the gauge.
    pivotCol sets colour of the pivot
    innerCol sets colour of inner body of the gauge
    unitsLabelCol sets colour of units label
    tickLabelCol sets colour of labels of the ticks
    needleCol sets colour of the needle
    defaultFonts sets the default fonts in gauge.


    We can configure the angular-metergauge for Size, colour,value fonts and other available options. we have to add a variable in scope of the controller and pass it to the config option of directive. Here is an example of classic theme configuration.

    angular.module('myApp').controller('myAppController',['$scope', function($scope){
        $scope.classic = {
                gaugeRadius: 140,
                minVal: 0,
                maxVal: 1000,
                needleVal: Math.round(700),
                tickSpaceMinVal: 10,
                tickSpaceMajVal: 100,
                divID: "gaugeBox",
                gaugeUnits: "Kmh",

    Directive usage

    angular-metergauge is an element directive. you will just have to add the directive in you html view and attach the config variable through scope.

    <!--meter gauge with classic as config variable -->
     <meter-gauge gaugeconfig="classic"></meter-gauge>

    Dynamically Change value

    For real time update of the metergauge value, configuration's needleVal parameter can be changed in the contoller. Updated value will be immediately reflected if the gauge. In the example give below, after every two seconds, metergauge's value will change.

                $scope.classic.needleVal =Math.round( Math.random()*1000)


    If you want to customize the app according to your needs, here is what should be done.

    1. Clone the respository in your local workspace.
    2. Install Ruby and Compass in your system as it required for compiling your sass files.
    3. Install the npm dependencies.
    $ npm install
    1. Install bower dependencies.
    $ bower install
    1. Start the with the dev environment. it will build the project and launch it in the browser with real time code change update.
    $ npm run serve 
    1. After you are done with your changes , you can run build command
      $ npm run build 

    you will have the script as well as a demo website ready.


    npm i angular-metergauge

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