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Advanced timer with pause/resume/reset capabilites, conditional cycle execution, onComplete tasks scheduling, live timer delay manipullation, and much more.

  import {Timer} from 'advanced-timer.js';
  // run myFunc 50 times every 1000ms
  let myTimer = new Timer( 1000 ).action( myFunc ).repeat( 50 ).start();

Some features:

  • Chainable constructor
  • Able to Pause/resume/reset
  • Live delay change ( Timer.delay() I)
  • Conditional cycles ( Timer.if() )
  • On complete callbacks ( Timer.done() )
  • Live iterations count change ( Timer.repeat() )
  • Sync lost detection ( Timer.inSync )
  • Cycle timestamp, deltaTime...
  • Node & Browser compatible (Node Module, ES6 module , Script Inlcude)
  • Tiny and Zero dependencies

See it in action here.

Usage example

Create a timer that executes 50 times the callback every 1000ms (only when timer cycle remains in sync), and execute an onComplete callback when done.

  let myTimer = new Timer( 1000 )
      .action( t=> console.log(t.currentCycle) )
      .if( t=> t.inSync )
      .repeat( 50 )
      .done( t=> console.log('completed!') )

Package distribution :

The following distribution channels are available to download and install the package :

  • NPM : Install the package using the NPM network :
$ npm install advanced-timer --save
  • GIT : Clone the repository from Github (or download the latest ZIP package release here )
 $ git clone
  • CDN : Include this library in the HEAD of your HTML :
<script src=''></script>

Import/Include the library

This library can be imported in Node using ...

let Timer = require('advanced-timer'); 

Imported (ES6 module) in the browser using ...

import {Timer} from './library-path/src/advanced-timer.js';

Or included in the browser adding in your HTML head ...

<script src='./library-path/src/main.js'></script>
<!-- window.Timer, is created -->


Create a new timer instance using:

  let myTimer = new Timer( milliseconds );
  • milliseconds : Integer representing the delay betwen cycles.

IMPORTANT: The Constructor deesn't start the Timer, it only sets and returns the new timer Instance. You mus call the start , and assign an action method, in order to start it .

Timer prototype methods


Sets the function to be executed in each timer cycle. Is required to be able to start the timer.

    Timer.prototype.action( callback );
  • callback: Function to execute in each timer cycle. The function execution context will be binded to the timer (unless if declared as arrow functon), and will recieve a reference to the timer objct as the first argument.

Note: Action callback can be changed any time.


Starts the timer. If timer is paused, will be resumed.


If the timer is completed (status 3) must be reseted first in order to use it again.


Stops the timer and resets all its values.



Pauses the timer.



Resumes the timer.


Only a paused timer (status 2) can be resumed.


Sets the ammount of cycles before the timer stops. By default, if repeat is not set, the timer will run infinitelly.

    Timer.prototype.repeat( times );
  • times: Positive integer (or Boolean) representing the ammount of cycles to execute. If false is set, a single cycle wil be executed. If set to true will run infinitelly.

Note: Can be changed any time.


Sets the delay betwen each timer cycle

    Timer.prototype.delay( milliseconds );
  • milliseconds: Integer representing ammount of milliseconds betwen each cycle callback execution.

Note: Delay time can be changed any time.


Resets the timer and all its atributes. It also sets the timer status to stopped, unless the timer was reseted in running state in such case, it starts running again automatically after the reset.


Note: Reset allows to re-initialize a completed timer.


Sets a callback to be executed before each cycle call. If returns true the cycle callback will be executed, but ommited if returns false.

    Timer.prototype.if( callback );
  • callback: Function to be executed. Function recieves the timer reference as the first argument¡

Note : Conditional callback can be disabled any time, by providing false as argument: myTimer.if( false )


Sets the callback to be executed when the timer reaches the las scheduled cycle.

    Timer.prototype.done( callback );
  • callback: Function to be executed. Function recieves the timer reference as the first argument¡


Destroys the timer and all its internal properties. Timer becomes unusable after being destroyed. Lets the Garbage Collector discard the instance reference.



Sets the out of sync threshold in ms. If a cycle deltaTime exceeds the timer freqency (timerDelay) by an ammount of miliseconds higher than the set threshold, the inSync flag, will become false.

    Timer.prototype.setSyncThreshold( ms );
  • ms: Positive integer representing the ammountof miliseconds.

Timer prototype properties

  • Timer.prototype.statusCode : Integer representing the timer status (-1,0,1,2,3)
  • Timer.prototype.status : String representing the status of the timer ( destroyed, stopped, running, paused, completed)
  • Timer.prototype.inSync: Boolean. When cycle callback can't be executed respecting the provided delay + syncThreshold, ìnSync becomes false.
  • Timer.prototype.timerDelay: Integer representing the timer frequency.
  • Timer.prototype.timestamp: Integer represemting the current timestamp.
  • Timer.prototype.currentCycle: Integer. Cycle counter.
  • Timer.prototype.cycleLimit: Integer representing the total ammount of cyles to be executed before timer stops.
  • Timer.prototype.cycleTimestamp : Integer representing te timestamp corresponding to the current cycle starting time, relative to the timer start.
  • Timer.prototype.cycleDeltatime: Integer representing the ammount of milliseconds, since the last cycle.If the cycle is ìnSync must match (or almost) with the provided delayvalue.
  • Timer.prototype.syncThreshold : Integer representing the ammount of miliseconds. (default value 20ms)




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