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What is this?

It's a schema validator (like yup or joi or ajv).

So why should I use this one?

The philosophy behind @zuze/schema is to:

  1. Be functional/composable

  2. Be configurable (the exact opposite of 1) - via the AST API - to create schema definitions that can be stored once and run ANYWEHRE.

  3. Be fun - check out how cool our conditions are!

@zuze/schema doesn't claim to be better (it's not) or faster (it's not) than any of the other schema validation projects, but it does aim to have a more fun API (whether you like to write functional code or appreciate some fine YML-like configuration via the AST API)!

What are schema validators good for?

Two things:

  1. Validating data structures and providing error messages (forms, API endpoints, etc).

  2. Creating configurable everything*.

*isValid(schema,value) returns a boolean - so it's as good as an if-else statement, but better. If your application can consume its logic from a source external to itself (a config file, a service, etc) you get to replace a lot of code with configuration (that your backend might want to share with your frontend), do a lot less releases, and expose yourself to a lot less risk.

Getting Started

Install it:

npm install @zuze/schema
# or 
yarn install @zuze/schema


It's all here https://zuze-lab.github.io/schema/!


npm i @zuze/schema

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